Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed

The B2B world is largely untapped in terms of the digital marketing realm. With their smaller budgets, many B2B companies are reluctant to make investments into PPC or SEO, but there are other methods available to help these companies grow their online presence.

The following article will explore some of the best B2B SaaS SEO tools for your business and how they can be beneficial.

If you are selling B2B SaaS products, SEO can be an extremely valuable part of your marketing strategy. However, running search engine optimization campaigns is not something that should be taken lightly.

SEO is an important part of the digital marketing campaign for B2B SaaS companies. While it can be technical and complex, there are several SEO tools out there that make it easier to do well. When choosing which SEO tools to use, consider the following factors:

SaaS SEO is a key component of B2B software marketing. Without it, your business will struggle to gain traction in the target market.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 18 B2B SaaS SEO tools you may not have heard of before and why they’re important for your business’s success.

As a SaaS company, you have to develop a highly effective SEO strategy that will aid you in getting more effective results from search engines. To implement these strategies, you’ll require a number of tools that will make it easier to save time.

SEO is crucial to your company, regardless how big your operation. For established businesses it can help in increasing visibility for your brand and also attracting new customers. 

When it comes to small and medium-sized companies it is vital to seek out the assistance in optimizing their website according to the algorithm of the search engines to enhance the visibility of their brand, increase quality traffic, and having higher chances of converting.

There are handful of tools on the internet that could help SaaS companies make the most of the effectiveness of SEO even when they’re just getting started.

List Of Essential SEO Tools In 2022 That Saas Startups Need

After doing a lot of research, I’ve come up with a list of top B2B SaaS SEO tools that are suitable for SaaS businesses. To help you select the best tool, I’ve separated these tools into different categories.

In the event that you require an SEO tool to conduct search engine optimization, link building technical SEO, content optimization, this list includes all the necessary tools that a SaaS company requires to improve the quality of its site.

SEO is crucial for your SaaS Company to stay on top of your rivals. Here are the most popular B2B SEO SaaS tools, sorted according to various categories:

B2B SaaS Site Speed Optimization Tools

#1 – Google PageSpeed Insights

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 1

Speed of your website is among the most important ranking factors all webmasters consider since slow loading speeds can cause massive losses. Google offers a official website speed test tool called “PageSpeed Insights”. 

In addition to assessing loading speed and assisting you optimize your website to improve its speed through a variety of suggestions

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Why Google PageSpeed Insights is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • Find a report on the performance of your website for mobile and desktop devices, with a score of 100.
  • You can access data from the Google’s Core Web Vitals like FCP and FID. LCP and CLS scores.
  • Speed up your website by optimizing it using various options, such as image optimization, reducing the response time of your server, eliminate unnecessary CSS as well as JavaScript files.

Google PageSpeed Insights Pricing

PageSpeed Insights can be a completely free tool that you can use.

#2 – GTmetrix

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 2

Like PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix is another excellent B2B SaaS SEO tool for websites tests, tracking and optimizing tools. With this tool, you’ll be in a position to quickly determine how fast your site loads in different places around the world. 

GTmetrix is now run with Lighthouse (a Google product for optimization of website performance) with all the vital performance reports.

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Why GTmetrix is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • You can evaluate your website’s speed of loading from 22 different locations , and from 65 servers around the world.
  • To evaluate the speed of websites for mobiles, GTmetrix offers over 20 virtual android mobiles.
  • GTmetrix also informs you whenever changes are detected in speed of the website the Core Web Vitals or the size of your page.

GTmetrix Pricing

GTmetrix is completely free to use however if you require premium features, then you can sign up for a premium plan for $10 per month.

B2B SaaS Content Optimization Tools

#3 – Surfer SEO

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 3

Surfer SEO can be described as a content optimization tool that allows you to improve the content on your website. There are numerous copywriters, SEO firms, bloggers and freelancers who utilize SurferSEO to improve their content. 

Surfer is able to develop a content strategy based on your specific niche, domain and target audience.

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Why Surfer SEO is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • By using “Content Score”, you can evaluate the quality of content and its relevance. In addition, Surfer analyzes the top-performing content on SERP and gives recommendations on the total amount of words needed and the keywords you should use in the content and also on content structure.
  • By using “SEO Audit”, Surfer analyses your websites and offers a list which shows you structural and content gaps and compare your content with that of competitors over SERP and a myriad of other metrics that you can enhance to gain over the search engine results.
  • Surfer is available on WordPress as well as Google Docs that allow you to control and optimize your content , without needing to create an account.

Surfer SEO Pricing

The cost for Surfer SEO starts at $59/month and increases to $199 per month.

#4 – Siteliner

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 4

Content is the most important thing, however when you have redundant content for your site then you’re unlikely to get good rankings or traffic. Additionally, Google hates duplicate content and penalizes websites with duplicate content. 

This is why Siteliner will help you identify redundant content in your B2B Saas company’s website.

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Why Siteliner is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • Siteliner scans all your website pages and determines which duplicates to the other and the percentage at which contents are duplicates.
  • To assist you in finding redundant content in any website site, the page highlights duplicate content using green and red colors.
  • Siteliner allows you to download the report of the site as an Excel and PDF files. Additionally, it also lets you download any particular table of the results.

Siteliner Pricing

Siteliner lets you browse at least 250 pages no cost. Each additional page you will need to purchase credits. Each credit is $0.01.

#5 – Clearscope

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 5

Are you looking to improve your the content you publish to improve SEO? Clearscope is here to assist you! It’s a fantastic tool for optimizing content to help you increase traffic to your site. 

Because of its artificial intelligence capabilities, it is able to enhance any type of content you’d like to easily. Clearscope is also used by many well-known brands such as NVIDIA, YouTube, and IBM.

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Why Clearscope is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • It is easy to connect Clearscope to Google Docs and WordPress as an add-on or plugin.
  • Clearscope gives suggestions for optimizing your content according to keywords you specify and looking at the most popular results.
  • It also gives suggestions for keywords for your primary keyword. It also gives you the number of times and the best places to include these keywords in your content.

Clearscope Pricing

Clearscope pricing starts at $170, and increases to $350 per month.

#6 – Buzzstream

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 5

If you’re in the process of link building, then Buzzstream is among the top tools for outreach and building links which can help you get quality traffic and links. 

It can assist you in nearly every task related to link-building, such as investigating potential partners, monitoring link-building campaigns and interacting with potential customers.

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Buzzstream is a trusted partner for major brands in the world, including Canva, Airbnb, Indeed, Shopify, and Glassdoor. If you’re an individual or part of a team of professionals, you can benefit from Buzzstream to increase the effectiveness of link building.

Why Buzzstream is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • With Buzzstream’s “Automatic List Building”, you can identify potential customers by analyzing sources such as news and web results.
  • Buzzstream automatically gathers information about websites like social metrics, traffic and contact details by uploading URLs.
  • Send out emails to your prospects using the templates built into Buzzstream or alter them as you wish. Buzzstream is compatible with all kinds of email services like Gmail and more.

Buzzstream Pricing

The price for Buzzstream is starting at just $24 per calendar month and increases to $999 for a month.

#7 – Majestic

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 7

Majestic is a powerful link-building tool with gained a reputable standing within the SEO industry. Its database includes millions of domains, making it simple to discover who is linking to your site. 

To determine whether your backlinks are of good quality, Majestic offers various metrics such as the Trust Flow and Citation Flow Visibility Flow Topical Trust Flow and the Flow Metric Scores.

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Why Majestic is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • Majestic lets you analyze backlinks up to 400 URLs with its paste URLs function, and as many as 100 URLs with the upload feature for files.
  • It’s accessible on both Chrome as well as Firefox as an extension for backlinks analyzers that allow you to look up any website that you browse on the internet.
  • Backlinks with a massive breakdown in different categories such as external supplement, inbound direct, live, deep follow, HTTP backlinks.

Majestic Pricing

For basic web analysis You can try it at no cost. However, to get more sophisticated results you can sign up for Majestic premium plans which start at $49.99 and can go up to $399.99 per month.

#8 – Pitchbox

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 8

Pitchbox is an outstanding tool for influence outreach and link building for B2B software firms. If you’re using blogger outreach, roundup post pages for product pages, or a resource pages as a link-building strategy, Pitchbox allows you to locate quality prospects in over 20 categories. From getting prospects to follow-ups and outreach, Pitchbox will be all option you require.

Why Pitchbox is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • To help you collect information about your website or other metrics such as DA PA, DR PR, backlinks domains that refer to you as well as CF, TF traffic, organic keywords. Pitchbox lets you connect leading industry tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz.
  • You can direct contact bloggers or webmasters using Pitchbox’s templates for email and Integrations to Gmail, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange.
  • To inform you what campaigns are performing well and which one isn’t, Pitchbox provides in-depth campaign performance monitoring with goals for both yearly and monthly campaigns.

Pitchbox Pricing

For Pitchbox pricing, you can book a demo here.

B2B SaaS Technical SEO Tools

#9 – Screaming Frog

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 9

The Screaming Frog SEO Tool is a tool specifically focused specifically on the technical aspects of SEO. The tool is an SEO Spider software that is available for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu. It crawls your site’s pages and collects nearly all SEO metrics.

These indicators include broken links, description and title of page, XML sitemap, robots.txt duplicate content, images, alt tags, heading tags redundant content CSS and JavaScript as well as redirections. Canonical tags.

Why Screaming Frog is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • It is possible to incorporate Screaming Frog to Google Search Console, Analytics along with PageSpeed Insights APIs to fetch all performance information for your site.
  • Improve your website’s description and title by studying meta tags, such as long, short, and duplicate tags.
  • Find out which page is functioning or isn’t by looking at responses of web pages.

Screaming Frog Pricing

Screaming Frog permits you to browse at least 500 pages no cost. If you want to review unlimited pages, it is possible to subscribe to a premium plan at PS149.00 for a year.

#10 – Google Search Console

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 10

If you’re running your own blog or website, it is recommended that Google Search Console can be essential as it has everything you need to boost your website’s SEO. Google Search Console is not an option, but it is essential to have on every site.

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Businesses can benefit from the effectiveness that is Google Search Console to identify the backlinks that are linked to your site, as well as the number of views and unique clicks that it receives over the course of a week, day months, years and even a month and alerts you to the crawl errors of any kind which include error 404 or indexing errors.

Why Google Search Console is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • You can look over all the errors on your website on your web pages, such as usability, Core Web Vitals and indexing issues and repair these issues.
  • You can upload the sitemap.xml file for your website for web crawlers to search for all pages on your website.
  • Examine how your website performing in terms of search results and you can compare the report’s performance with the previous seven days or 28 days and 3 months.

Google Search Console Pricing

Google Search Console is a free tool.

B2B SaaS SEO Keywords Research Tools

#11 – Ahrefs

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 11

Ahrefs is a well-known SEO tool that has a great keyword research capabilities, with an extensive database of more than 7 billion keyword. It’s a surprisingly complete SEO toolkit that includes all the essential tools an SaaS company requires, including a the site audit tool, site Explorer rank tracker, keyword exploration and content Explorer.

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To assist SaaS businesses, Ahrefs also provides a range of tutorials for free and resources for learning SEO concepts. Additionally, they have a dedicated community of experts that you can join to ask queries, and the experts will assist you.

Why Ahrefs is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO

  • Ahrefs offers 171 counties, which means that you can get keyword suggestions for any place.
  • Do you want to go further than Google? Ahrefs is now available! It lets you access keyword information on 10 search engines that include Bing, Baidu, and YouTube.
  • Ahrefs allows you to check the most exact number of clicks information for each keyword, so that you can quickly identify potential search terms for your website.

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs includes a 7 days trial period for free at $7. After the trial the cost starts at $99 and increases to $999 for a month.

Does it provide Whitelabel reports?


#12 – SEMrush

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 12

SMErush can help you increase to the effectiveness of you SEO efforts. SMErush will assist you find new keywords that your company will achieve a higher rank on Google. Additionally, using it you can monitor your competitors on the market. 

Over 7 million businesses such as Tesla, Vodafone, IBM, Apple, and Forbes are using SEMrush to conduct SEO keyword research .

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Why SMErush is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO

  • The SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool has a database with more than 20 billion keywords. It is also able to support 120 counties, which means that you’ll have thousands or even lakhs of keyword concepts.
  • By using Bulk option, you are able to obtain data for more than 100 terms at once.
  • It is also possible to use “SERP Features” to find keywords that are easy to rank for featured snippets of content, reviews, local pack and FAQ.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush pricing begins with $199.95 per month. It goes up to $449.95 per month.

Does it provide Whitelabel reports?

Yes, with the plan of the agency you’ll receive white-label PDFs of your reports.

#13 – SpyFu

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 13

With a high-quality SEO competitor’s research SpyFu is a fantastic SaaS SEO instrument that can help you conduct keyword research for competitors without difficulty. Beyond keyword research, you can also get keywords rankings along with SERP analysis and White-label SEO report.

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SpyFu also provides numerous tutorials and with a focus on video tutorials that help experts find answers to all questions.

Why SpyFu is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • To outdo your competition on organic search results, SpyFu allows you to track your competitors’ keywords by visiting their websites.
  • You can also determine the amount of clicks your competition’s website is receiving from the overall volume of search traffic.
  • After you’ve finalized your keywords, you are able to export the list as the form of a CSV or PDF format or even Google Sheets.

SpyFu Pricing

SpyFu’s base plan is $39.95 per month. However, you can also choose the premium plan for $299 per month.

Does it provide Whitelabel reports?

Yes, you can make customized SEO reports.

#14 – KWFinder

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 14

KWFinder is a research tool provided through Mangools which is a complete SEO tools service. It is a trusted tool by major brands such as Alexa, Adidas, and Airbnb. 

As a SaaS company, you have to do keyword research on competitors in addition, KWFinder is the sole tool to help you determine which keywords your competitors are ranking for.

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Why KWFinder is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • The KWFinder application allows you to locate keywords in various languages such as Arabic, Chinese, and Dutch.
  • Not just current volume of keywords However, KWFinder allows you to check the history of keywords. This lets you discover seasonal and trending keywords.
  • Through “SERP Overview”, you can easily determine the position your site and its competitors’ websites are ranked on the search results.

KWFinder Pricing

KWFinder provides a free trial that allows you to get five searches for free every each day, for 10 consecutive days. But, you can also select premium plans that start at $29.90 and can be upgraded until $79.90 monthly.

#15 – Answer The Public

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 15

Ranking for question keywords is one of the best strategies for any website. In this case, Answer The Public can help you by providing good keyword suggestions for questions. It makes use of Google along with Bing to pull hundreds of keyword information. With the use of long-tail keywords, you can make amazing content, and increase the traffic to your website and improves rankings.

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Why Answer The Public is Useful For B2B SaaS SEO?

  • By using ‘Search Listing Alerts” You can create alerts so that you are notifies via email every time you have a question or search found on any subject.
  • To manage the information, Answer The Public allows users to create folders for various campaigns.
  • Answer The Public shows keywords in a visual format, categorized into prepositions, questions or comparisons, as well as alphabetical.

Answer The Public Pricing

Answer the Public will be completely free forever, however for premium features, you can buy the premium plan which costs just $99 per month.

Bonus: Some Free Essential SEO Tools Every B2B SaaS Business Should Have

#16 – Google Keyword Planner

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 16

Google’s Keyword Planner is one of the best tools to give you instant access to the latest keyword phrases, as well as its search volume as well as CPC, competition and related keyword concepts.

The tool allows you to switch the location of your search. For example, if you’re physically in India however you want to know which search terms are in high demand in the USA then you can switch the search location to the United States in an effortless way.

The advantages of changing locations is that, even if you deal with international clients you can check on their latest trends without needing to be physically present at the exact area. 

This is easily possible due to the fact that Google is the most popular search engine on the planet collecting all the data that can be utilized to the best moment.

#17 – Google Analytics

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 17

Google Analytics is one of the top SEO tools on the internet for small-sized businesses. All you have to do is incorporate Google Analytics into your website and you’ll be ready to go. 

Google Analytics helps you in discovering important data such as profile of your site’s users, the most popular pages, bounce rates and the source of traffic and many other essential factors.

It is also helpful to calculate your conversion rates from sponsored ads. It could take a while for you to master the ability to utilize Google Analytics thoroughly, but when you’ve begun, you is no stopping you.

The most appealing aspect is that it comes with many amazing features for absolutely no cost. Along with the most crucial attributes, it also offers information on the tools used to bring visitors to your site clearly separating the places from which the majority of traffic is coming from, sites that have helped you increase visitors, and many more factors that can assist you in defining strategies for competitive marketing.

#18 – Google My Business

Best B2B SaaS SEO Tools You Need To Succeed 18

Google My Business is the most essential tool you’re ever likely to require for an average or small business just starting with the intention of marketing your business online. 

Google My Business can help you create a business profile where people can locate your shop or outlet quickly, and can easily find the timings of your operations as well as read reviews written by past customers, rate and review and discuss their own experiences, and also access a wealth of information about your business.

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The GMB profile is highly trusted since, to have the GMB verification, Google will send you an encrypted pin, or a form of OTP for the registered business address. 

After you have received your pin you need to enter it into your profile. Once you do this, you can create your profile online as well as modify it.

A well-written and verified GMB profile is the vital ingredient for local SEO, or when you have an physical location where you can sell your services and goods.

Benefits of Using SEO Tools For B2B SaaS Businesses

The assistance of SEO tools particularly when you’re just starting out is beneficial in many ways:

  • Enhances business leads.
  • It allows you to draw quality and interested visitors to your site.
  • Increases the rate of conversion.
  • Help you create high-quality backlinks.
  • You can establish a connection with other businesses through guest posts.
  • It may help in establishing brand recognition.
  • It is based on your marketing plans.
  • It helps you reach your goals with ease by offering actual and current information.
  • This tool helps you get traffic to your website for absolutely no cost.
  • SEO improves your website loading speed.
  • SEO helps you optimize your content.

With the help of these tools, you can create a blog that will be rich in content and generate leads for your business.

If you’re interested in more information on how to grow your B2B SaaS company, be sure to follow our social media channels where we share tips on marketing strategies that work!

There are many SEO tools available, but not all of them are worth your time. When deciding which one to use, consider these four factors: features, support, pricing and ease-of-use.

If you want to be successful with blogging or any other form of content marketing, choose an SEO tool that will help you accomplish your goals rather than hinder you by making it difficult for you to reach the audience that matters most.

Final Thoughts

There are many B2B SaaS SEO-related tools on the market to select the best one. However, you do not need all of them at the very least when you’re just beginning. The tools listed above will assist you in hitting the nail right on the head, and help you achieve better rankings in the SERPs. You can select the tool that best suits the requirements of your business.

The tools listed above have the best capabilities and are also within budget. Each tool is intended for different requirements like linking creation, keyword research content optimization and technical SEO. In the end, we’ve provided a list of the best SEO tools that every B2B SaaS agency requires to enhance their websites. 

At the end of the post, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish, and how you can get there. Your odds of success will be significantly higher if you use the right tools.

We hope that this article has given you some insight into which B2B SaaS SEO tools are best for your business. If you would like to learn more about search engine optimization or any other aspect of marketing, please do not hesitate to comment.

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