207+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For All Niche

Affiliate marketing is popular due to one reason, which is that it can help you earn passive income.

This means that you earn money while you sleep. While there are plenty of ways to earn income online through affiliate marketing, it is at the at the top of the list due to this reason.

But here’s the problem it’s not each affiliate marketing program are created equal. Some of them offer periodic commissions, while the majority provide one-time commissions.

If you’re looking to make hundreds of dollars each month through affiliate marketing, then promoting regular Affiliate programs are the best choice.

In this post we will discuss the 207 top regular payment affiliate programs that will allow you to earn recurring commissions over the rest of your life. Let’s begin without too much effort.

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What Are Recurring Commissions?

Before we get into the details in the next section, we’ll briefly look at the recurring income affiliate programs to ensure you’re able to better be able to comprehend. Recurring affiliates pay you commissions as long as your referrals pay you.

For instance, affiliate program of Semrush (BeRush) will pay up to 50% commission over the lifetime of a customer.

This means that the recurring affiliate programs allow you to earn a commission on each purchase that one of your clients does, not just for the first purchase. Therefore, you’ll earn money for when your referrals remain as a customer who pays.

The primary difference between promoting normal affiliate products and recurring income affiliate programs is you are able to earn recurring income for many years, not only once!

Let’s figure the best affiliate programs that offer monthly commissions.

207 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs List With Lifetime Income

Are you trying to increase your earnings by promoting the most lucrative recurring affiliate program?

Blogs that are monetized by affiliate marketing is a wonderful method to earn extra money and can turn into a lucrative side business. However, to make the most of your venture, knowing what affiliate programs you should promote can be a big difference.

Some affiliate programs pay you a one-time commission when you can help them get a client for them. A few examples include Amazon Associates or Clickbank. However, if the same customer purchased the same item through the affiliate’s link, your company will only get the first payment.

What if there were an option to earn recurring affiliate commissions?

When you’ve identified an item that sells regularly, you’ll make more money from customers who make frequent purchases. Some affiliate networks pay you on a regular basis.

We’ll look at various affiliate programs offering regular commissions, based on the kinds of services they provide.


#1. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting

Every business needs a hosting provider to ensure that they can keep their information on their server.

Since more and more businesses are creating online presence and web hosting is becoming more popular, the market for web-hosting is quite competitive in terms of pricing quality, reliability, and customer service.

If someone is already using an existing hosting provider that they are using, they’re likely to be hesitant to change providers due to the amount of work that is required to move the data to a different service.

There are a variety of kinds of hosting companies to pick from. Private servers that are shared are less expensive than dedicated hosting services and are a great option for small businesses who are looking for an option that is more reliable in comparison to the more popular brands available.

  • Liquid Web–Earn up to $1,500 per transaction.
  • RoseHosting–50% commission during the beginning month (with the possibility of increasing) plus 10% per month and bonuses.
  • Beyond Hosting–40 percent commission recurring.
  • JixHost–20% recurring commission.
  • Nestify–$50 sign-up offer, not disclosed ongoing commission.
  • VirMach–15% recurring commission on popular plans 20 percent in gaming-related plans.
  • Kinsta WordPress Hosting–up to $500 initial payment plus 10% per-year commission.
  • Cloudways–up to $125 per sale or $30 plus commissions of 7% per month for the client.

#2. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for CRMs and Automation

Companies are focusing on the creation of strong relationships with customers today more than ever. A good tool for forecasting and sales prospecting can help in nurturing leads to their sales channels.

You may have come across several well-known CRM tools, such as Hubspot as well as Salesforce.

The right CRM software can help you maintain all contacts together to handle leads that are potential and former customers.

  • ActiveCampaign–20-30% recurring commission.
  • JotForm–30% monthly recurring commission.
  • ONTRAPORT–25% recurring commission.
  • ActiveTrail–5 per cent monthly regular commission.
  • Wishpond–30% recurring recurring commission.
  • Builderall SEO–30 percent recurring payment.
  • Hubstaff–30% recurring recurring commission.
  • Pipedrive–35% recurring commission.
  • Drip–30 recurring commissions recurring commission.
  • Active Trail–15% commission recurring.
  • amoCRM–35% recurring commission.
  • Capsule–20% recurring commission.

#3. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Email Marketing

Marketing via email remains one of the most effective marketing channels that can drive sales and traffic that converts well. Many entrepreneurs have started businesses solely based on email lists.

Also referred to Autoresponders for email These tools can assist you in managing your email to build relationships with leads or send out weekly newsletters. This is a category that is easy to market because these programs typically offer trial trials for free that make the process of signing up easy and low-risk for customers.

The churn percentage is low as companies tend to stick with one email marketing platform after they have signed up to an email marketing service. Selecting a tool to promote is dependent on other aspects including whether they offer pop-up notifications, assistance with landing pages, or the kind of customer service offered.

  • Aweber, a free 30-day trial, offers 30 percent recurring monthly commission.
  • Benchmark: 25 percent Commissions that are recurring.
  • ConvertKit 14-day trial for free with a 30% monthly per-month commission.
  • GetResponse – Free 30-day trial with a 33 percent recurring monthly commission.
  • MailerLite – 30 percent monthly annual commission, $120 payment limit.
  • Sendlane – 14-day free trial 30 percent monthly regular commission.
  • Sendloop–10% monthly recurring payment.
  • Automizy – 40% recurring commissions.
  • Moosend–30% recurring commission.
  • MailTag–50% recurring commission.

#4. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for E-Commerce

E-commerce is growing at a fast pace, with more than 2.21 billion consumers around the world projected to comprise 18% of retail sales by 2021. We’re seeing many customers wanting to be a part of the pie, since the sales of businesses that use e-commerce have grown year-on-year from the year 2018. In the year 2020 we sold 114 online companies.

A variety of affiliate programs can help customers to get started with e-commerce by establishing an online storefront, even if they don’t have any previous experience with programming.

Although Amazon FBA is one of the most well-known businesses we’ve seen and sold on Amazon’s marketplace. The tools below can assist entrepreneurs to set up their storefront or storefront to begin selling items online.

  • Shopify–20% recurring commissions which can be up to $2000 per transaction.
  • Samcart–40% recurring commission.
  • SendOwl–20% recurring commission.
  • Payhip–50% commission recurring.
  • Wholesale2b–30% recurring commission.
  • Shopio–25% recurring commission.
  • EasyStore–100% first month, 20% recurring commission.
  • Proof–30% recurring commission.
  • Market Hero–50 One-time commission of 5.
  • Sellfy–25% recurring commission.
  • Dropified–30% recurring commission.
  • Debutify–40% recurring commission.
  • Eggflow–20% recurring commission.
  • Spocket–30% recurring commission.

#5. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for VPNs

To provide you with an idea of how beneficial VPNs can be, over 31% of Internet users use VPNs. VPNs can be used to get access to information and news if you are in a geo-locked zone.

Online businesses could be beneficial to do keyword research using different places.

  • PureVPN – 35% recurring commission.
  • Hide My Ass – 100% first month, followed by 30-35 percent per month. Recurring commission.
  • ZenMate – 10% first month, and then 30-35 percent per month. Recurring commission.
  • Nord VPN – 100 percent for the first month, after which 30 percent monthly commission.
  • TorGuard – 30% recurring commission.
  • Zen Mate – 100 percent in the first month, after which 35 percent per month. Recurring commission.
  • IPVanish – 100 percent in the first month, after that 35 percent per month. Recurring commission.
  • Private Internet Access – 33%, $2.29 per referral.

#6. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Landing Pages

Although having a site filled with content may seem appealing, some companies only require just a handful of pages, or perhaps a single landing page that generates recurring revenue. A few small companies may need simply an opt-in via the form to capture email addresses.

While a business owner may just require one landing page, those who sells online businesses will probably require a number of landing pages to promote their newly bought assets. These tools are simple to use, and allow anyone to build landing pages without knowledge of the basics of programming.

  • LeadPages – 30 percent Trial of 14 days.
  • ClickFunnels – 40% recurring commission.
  • Instapage – 50% first payment, and then 30 percent monthly commission.
  • Landingi – up to 35% monthly commission.
  • Ladingi – 30 percent recurring commission or 15% recurring commission , and 15% commission for customers.
  • Kartra–40% commission recurring, 10% on sales made by affiliates recruited.

#7. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most well-known CMS systems utilized by affiliate marketers across the globe. But it’s not the perfect platform which can be used as its own. Many of the services streamline and improve WordPress to streamline tasks, improve the front and back-end of a site, as well as enhance the appearance of a site. These tools include themes as well as plug-ins. They’re generally annual subscriptions.

  • Thrive Themes – 25% commission recurring.
  • Elegant Themes – 50 percent commission recurring.
  • CSSIgniter Themes and plugins – 50 percent for each sale and renewal commissions.
  • Premium Coding Themes – up to 50 percent commission.
  • Access WP – 10% recurring over a lifetime.
  • Zen WP – 8% Lifetime commissions – $3000 Bonus for each 100th client.
  • Memberium – 10% lifetime.
  • MemberPress – 25% recurring commission.
  • MemberMouse – 20% recurring commission.
  • Amazing themes – 60% for each sale.

#8. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Live Chat

Offering top-quality customer service could be the key to getting and keeping loyal customers. The presence of live chat on your website can give your company an edge over competitors who don’t since 92 percent of customers are satisfied by the live chat feature. Having live chats can open up the possibility of engaging in conversational marketing anytime of the day.

  • Provide Support–30% recurring commission.
  • JivoChat–30% recurring commission.
  • PureChat–up to 35% Recurring commission.
  • LiveAgent–$5 signup, 20% recurring commission.
  • Chatrify–20 percent recurring commission.
  • Chat rooms on the Internet–up to 50 20% first commission, 20% of the commission will recur after.
  • LiveChat–20 Percent Recurring commission.
  • Olark–up to 25% of recurring commission.
  • Crisp–20% recurring commission.

#9. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Chatbots

Similar to the live chat feature, chatbots can be a great option to offer customer service, but that you don’t need to be available to assist your clients. Chatbots can simulate conversions on the internet, and you can make your own chatbot using custom scripts.

It could be answering basic questions about a product service or providing users with a link to websites where they can get more details. One of the most well-known examples could be Facebook Messenger.

  • ChitChatChimp–50% initial commission and 10% per month following.
  • Collect.chat–30 percent recurring commission 50 cents for every 10 referrals.
  • Tars–30% recurring commission.
  • MobileMonkey–20% recurring commission.

#10. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Social Media Management

Social media is usually an untapped source of traffic because the owners aren’t aware of how to utilize the correct accounts to get people to their site or storefront.

Establishing a presence on social media can increase the number of people who visit your business , and also increase revenues. There are 3 billion people who are using social media, which implies that it’s a huge opportunity to build an accessible audience.

Social media management tools assist users plan their posts and offer analysis to find out which types of posts perform the best.

  • Crowdfire – 35% recurring, up to $420 per customer.
  • AgoraPulse – 20 percent recurring commissions.
  • SocialPilot – 30% recurring commissions.
  • SocialOomph – 40% recurring commissions.
  • Tailwind – 15% recurring commissions.
  • VidiQ – 20% commissions recurring.
  • Opesta – 40 percent recurring commissions 5percent recurring on sales made by affiliates’ customers.
  • Recurring commissions that are planable.

#11. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Design and Graphics

Even if you’re like the blank canvas you are looking at in terms of designing something, you can design distinctive and exciting artistic assets using design tools.

These are typically apps for the web which come with a library of fonts and templates, and help you to make assets that adhere to the social media guidelines.

  • Design Pickle – 15% recurring commission.
  • PicMonkey – 50% for the first purchase and 25% commissions for recurring purchases.
  • Snappa – 30% commissions recurring.
  • Stencil – 30% recurring commissions.
  • Depositphotos – 40% for the initial purchase and 25% commissions for recurring purchases.
  • Designrr – 50% of recurring commissions.
  • Pic Monkey – 30% recurring commissions 15 percent for renewals/returns.
  • Pixpa – 50% per lead.

#12. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for SEO

SEO is an effective inbound marketing channel that keeps affiliates hands free If you’re able to get an organically high level of traffic through search engines.

SEO tools help you optimize your content, thereby increasing your organic traffic on your website or storefront.

  • SEMRush – 40 percent recurring commissions.
  • SpyFu – 40% of recurring commissions.
  • SerpStat – up to 30% monthly commissions.
  • LongTailPro – 30 percent Recurring commissions.
  • SEOPressor – 50 percent commissions recurring.
  • Linkody – 30% recurring commissions.
  • Linkredible – up to 30% of per year in recurring commissions.
  • Mangools – $487 for each lead.
  • SEOClerks -10% lifetime.
  • Netpeak Software – 30 percent commissions recurring.
  • FATJOE – 10% commissions recurring.
  • Link-able – $500 per lead recurring.
  • ProRankTracker – 20 Percent Recurring commissions.
  • AccuRanker – 20% commissions recurring.

#13. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Online Courses

E-learning is gaining popularity after the shift to remote working. It’s a booming industry, with more data available than before.

The ability to learn new skills can be acquired at their own speed, due to the wide variety of courses offered.

  • Teachable – 30% recurring commissions.
  • Thinkific – 20% commissions recurring.
  • Academy of Mine – 10-20% of Recurring commissions.
  • LearnWorlds – 25% commissions recurring.

#14. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Payment Processors

SaaS companies or e-commerce firms require payment processors to process credit card transactions or other payment types like PayPal.

  • National Processing – up to 70% of recurring commissions.
  • Authorize.Net – 30 Percent Recurring commissions.
  • Eclipse Merchant Services – 20% recurring commissions.
  • Merchant Focus – 20% recurring commissions.
  • AShop – $50 for each sale, and 3% of all sales generated by affiliates who have been recruited.

#15. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Time Tracking Software

For teams working remotely, time-tracking software is useful to increase productivity.

  • RescueTime – 15% recurring commissions.
  • TimeDoctor – 30% recurring commissions.

#16. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Marketing

Content marketing can be extremely effective in creating an audience that is reachable. Offering value to your targeted customers by helping them to improve their professional or personal abilities will increase the likelihood for them to take part in your services or purchase your products.

  • Repixel–up to 30% of recurring commissions.
  • Sumo–30% commissions recurring.
  • Ninja Outreach–50% recurring commissions.
  • Opt-inGun–60% upon signup and 10% commissions on recurring purchases.
  • Sales Handy–20% recurring commissions.
  • TubeBuddy–50% commissions recurring.
  • GetSiteControl–30% commissions recurring.
  • Brick and Mobile–20 percent recurring commissions.
  • ClickMagick–35% life time Recurring.
  • Answer Base–50% for the the first month and 15% for recurring commissions.
  • Improvement–50% in the first month. 10 percent commissions recurring.
  • Clicky–20% commissions recurring.
  • Convert Flow–30 Percent regular commissions.
  • Viral Loops–30% commissions recurring.
  • UpViral–50% for the first month, and 30% of recurring commissions.
  • Right Message–20 percent per year in recurring commissions.
  • Deadline Funnel–33% Recurring Commissions.
  • Trck.me–30 Percent Commissions that are recurring.
  • Mouseflow–10% recurring commissions.
  • Hunter.io–30 percent Recurring commissions.
  • Customer–30% recurring commission.
  • Pabbly–50% for the initial month. 15% for recurring commissions.
  • PPC Protect–25 Percent Recurring commissions.
  • SalesHandy–20% commissions recurring.
  • Optmyzr–10% the first month. 15% for recurring commissions.
  • Supermetrics–20% recurring commissions.
  • URL Profiler–25% recurring commission.

#17. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a great method of backing up your business off-site in the event that the business is affected by an incident.

  • PCloud–20% commissions recurring.
  • Backblaze –10 percent recurring commissions.

#18. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Webinars

Hosting webinars allows entrepreneurs to showcase their expertise, while also providing information to the attendees.

If you can get high-profile participants to join your webinars, this can increase the visibility of your company as well. Webinar tools help with hosting, meaning you can concentrate on the event itself , not worrying about the technical aspects.

  • Demio–30% lifetime recurring.
  • Webinar Ninja–30% recurring commissions.
  • Easy Webinar–30 percent recurring commissions, 50 percent up-sell conversions.
  • ClickMeeting–30% of sales.

#19. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Recruitment

Remote working is becoming increasingly well-known. If you’ve got a blog which explains the advantages of a digital nomad lifestyle, this might be the right alternative for you.

  • Freelancer.com–10 percent recurring commissions.
  • Fiverr–10% recurring commissions 10 dollars for 12 months for each lead.

#20. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Advertising

Affiliate programs of this kind link advertisers and publishers. The software lets you manage the various ads you run.

  • Propeller Ads–5% referral revenue.
  • Varium–20% recurring commissions.
  • ClickAdilla–5% commissions recurring.
  • RevenueHits–up to 10% commissions recurring.
  • Infolinks–10% recurring commissions.
  • Adcash–5% recurring commissions.

#21. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Program Management

Different affiliate programs that generate income are recommended to lessen the risk of an affiliate program with the highest percentage of revenue decreasing their commissions. On one dashboard, you are able to manage your affiliate programs and monitor the entire report and campaigns.

  • Tapfiliate–20% recurring commission.
  • OSI Affiliate Partner–20% recurring commission.

#22. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Sports

A less well-known category those who are interested in fantasy sports are always looking for ways to increase their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • DraftKings–up to 40% of recurring commission.
  • WOH–for fitness professionals who put the business on their own and earn a 25% recurring fee.

#23. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Podcasts

Similar to webinars, creating podcasts is another method to provide the value of your audience by deep dives into specific subjects. You can make different series that focus on different topics.

  • Transistor Podcast Hosting–25% recurring commission.
  • Buzzsprout–20 percent lifetime recurring commission of $25 per paid referral.

#24. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Making Money Online

Do you blog about ways you can earn additional income or ways to begin lucrative side businesses? Sharing your knowledge on how to earn money online could make you more money by advertising a recurring affiliate program and sharing the lessons you’ve learned about making money.

  • InboxDollars–30% recurring commission.
  • Food Blogger Pro: up to 40% of recurring commission.

#25. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Project Management

It isn’t easy for a remote group of workers that has members in the same time zone. These tools can aid your team in collaboration by keeping all teams’ projects together.

  • GanttPRO–50% for the first purchase and 20% for recurring commissions.
  • Monday.com–25% recurring commission.

#26. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Cryptocurrency

An investment asset that is becoming increasingly attractive. People are seeking innovative ways of investing in crypto and popular altcoins that are trending in the hope of locating that next Bitcoin.

Affiliate programs are a mix of trading platforms and wallets.

  • EXMO–upto 40% of recurring commission.
  • Coindirect–20% recurring commission.
  • Paxful–up to 50% per month in recurring commission.
  • CoinMama–15% recurring commission.
  • Changelly–50% recurring commission.
  • KuCoin–upto 20% commission per year.
  • CryptoTrader.Tax–25% recurring commission.

#27. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Finance

If you’re writing about investing in more traditional ways such as stocks, you could get high-paying commissions for each purchase from a customer who is a regular.

Certain tools help users manage financial matters or bookkeeping.

  • LiveTrader–30% recurring commission.
  • HoneyMoney–$3 each month for five months , if you are referring for the monthly plan. $15 for Annual Plan.
  • Invoice Ninja–50% recurring commission.
  • Libertex Affiliates–5% recurring commission.
  • The Forex Trendy–75% commission recurring.
  • PrimeXBT–20% of fees for life.
  • Binance–20% trading fee Up to 40 percent.
  • Ledger–15 percent of transactions.
  • Covesting–up to 40%.

#28. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Supplements

The affiliate program for supplements can be a fantastic opportunity to earn recurring revenues from customers who are returning, as the customers will replenish their supply of supplements when their stock is exhausted.

  • Organifi–30% recurring commission.
  • The BeneFIT Box–up to $9 per sale, up to $5 per signup on gold/platinum/diamond plans.

#29. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Fundraising

The two programs below can be helpful in campaigns to raise money for nonprofits, politicians, as well as religious organisations.

  • Krowdster–20% recurring commission.
  • Donorbox–15% recurring commission.

#30. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Food and Beverages

The fitness and health industry is becoming increasingly popular as people seek ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Affiliate programs that pay ongoing commissions show people how to live healthier lives within the kitchen.

  • Learn Cake Decorating Online — up to 50% of recurring commission.
  • Plan to Eat — 20 percent recurring commission.
  • Smart Kitchen — 30% recurring commission.

#31. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Real Estate

Another option for investing can be real estate. These affiliate programs that are recurring help investors discover distressed assets faster by utilizing curated marketplaces.

  • BirdDogBot–50% recurring.
  • DealCheck–30% recurring.
  • ForeclosureSearch–up to 95% recurring commission (for properties in Canada only).

#32. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Travel

This program provides you with recurring income when your blog posts are about exotic locales that are off the beaten track.

  • Villiers–30% recurring commission.

#33. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Education

Affiliate programs offer the necessary resources for homeschooling and remote learning for children.

With more possibilities to collaborate online teachers or parents are able to develop the lesson plan of their choice, by enrolling in an educational library.

  • SchoolhouseTeachers–25% recurring commission.
  • Our Journey Westward–25% recurring commission.

#34. Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Beauty

These affiliate programs offer hyperlinks for hair care, skincare bath and other body products.

  • doTERRA — 20% recurring commission.
  • Jade Bloom — up to 10% per recurring commission.

What Is a Recurring Affiliate Program?

In the past, we’ve reviewed some of the most effective ongoing affiliate programs that are available in various areas. There are various types of recurring affiliate programs that provide different ways to earn money.

The three kinds of programs are : residual (or lifetime) and recurring referrals, and the recurring passive income. The majority of programs are free to join, however, there are occasions when you must be a current customer of the program in order to join.

The most commonly used method to advertise affiliate programs is to use an URL hyperlink that links to the appropriate anchor text.

The affiliate program is usually bundled with tools that will aid you in choosing which products to advertise and the effectiveness of your affiliate hyperlinks.

The Pros and Cons of Recurring Affiliate Programs

If you’ve built a solid base of content that attracts steady traffic, such as regular affiliate programs that can increase your chances of making passive income. Over time the recurring income will result in higher profits than commissions earned from single-time sales through networks like ShareASale.

In some programs, the initial month’s installment is more than the normal amount. Remember that some programs provide additional incentives to attract affiliates from other affiliates.

However it may take a longer period of time to earn what one-time payment plans provide. The commissions you earn decrease when you have customers who decide to cancel their orders.

The success of ongoing affiliate programs will ultimately depend on how reliable a company is and how long it takes to improve its performance throughout the years.

Have You Thought About Selling Your Affiliate Website?

It’s about all you need to know about the recurring affiliate programs that can increase your income stream.

If you’ve ever considered selling your affiliate business We’ve got some positive news for you. Many buyers with savvy find affiliate-based businesses similar to yours to be a profitable asset.

Utilize the online valuation tools to determine the value of your property worth. After 5 minutes, you’ll get an estimate based on actual sales information.

If you are satisfied with the look of it, think about having a chat with an analyst from our team to get free tips on how to increase your value.

This could turn out to be the biggest sum of money you’ve received.

The Final Thoughts on The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

There are a myriad of affiliate programs which offer recurring commissions, but many of them are obsolete or ineffective.

So we selected only affiliate programs that provide excellent quality service and features for reasonable cost.

What are your thoughts on the lucrative list of recurring income affiliates that we have shared? Are you having any concerns? Tell us by leaving a comment.

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