10 Best SaaS Management Platform to Organize All Apps

In the modern business world, it is virtually impossible to survive without using SaaS solutions or SaaS Management. They have proven time and again that they are a cost-effective way of getting the job done. The success of SaaS platforms can be attributed to their convenience, usability, and flexibility. While there are many SaaS solutions out there, each serving its own purpose in a company’s workflow or being used for a specific group of people working within the organization.

Organizing the apps and software you use for your business is a tedious process. There are thousands of applications that can streamline your everyday operations, but it’s hard to keep track of them all. A good start is to analyze how many apps you currently use and which ones are worth using long-term.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. SaaS management platforms help companies to organize, manage, and automate SaaS applications to gain better visibility into their cloud usage.

Having too many apps can be overwhelming. So it’s no surprise that SaaS management platforms, like Ninite and Leadin are becoming increasingly popular. These platforms help you with everything from updating your software to adding new apps to your machine.

Software as a service applications have revolutionized how businesses utilize technology. While there are numerous benefits to this method but there are issues that need to address, too. SaaS management platforms can help companies minimize the risk and reap the advantages.

These tools aid in managing the licensing, purchasing onboarding, renewal, and control of cloud-based applications. A corporate SaaS management system will lower security risks and increase the return on SaaS investment throughout their lifetime.

Best SaaS Management Platform List

Here’s a brief list of the top SaaS administration software.

  1. Zluri – Best for reducing SaaS wastage
  2. Onetool – Best way to manage all of your SaaS in one app
  3. BetterCloud – Best for intuitive data security
  4. SailPoint – Best for security of identity in the cloud
  5. Augmentt Engage – Best for managed service providers (MSPs)
  6. Productiv – Best for understanding app engagement
  7. Snow – Best for comprehensive license management
  8. Torii – Best comprehensive variety of integrations
  9. Blissfully – Best for benchmarking SaaS spend
  10. Vendr – Best for saving money on Saas

SaaS Management Tool Comparison Criteria

What should I be looking to find when selecting the most effective SaaS administration platform? Here’s the summary of my criteria for evaluation:

  1. User Interface (UI): Is it attractive, clean and user-friendly?
  2. Usability: Does it make sense to use a variety of SaaS tools? Does the company provide excellent technical support, user assistance, tutorials, as well as training?
  3. Integrations: Can it be connected effortlessly to the other tool for business administration? Are there any already built integrations?
  4. Value for money: What is the appropriate price of the SaaS management capabilities and features that are offered? Are prices clear, transparent and acceptable?

SaaS Management Solution Key Features

SaaS management platforms come with various features that will help you make the most benefit from Cloud-based applications. Here are the most important features to look out for:

  1. User Management: determines who’s using which software and for what purpose
  2. Application Discovery: aids you in finding the right tool for every application
  3. Application Cost Optimization: reduces wasted time caused through suboptimal use
  4. Application Usage Information: provides insight into the way software is utilized, and the reasons for it.
  5. Application Security: minimizes the risks posed by unauthorized app use (Shadow IT)
  6. renewals of licenses: makes sure that the licenses’ validity is maintained and validly paid to date
  7. Conformity: keeps usage compliant with the relevant requirements and regulations.
  8. Vendor Management: keeps a record of vendor-related data

Overviews of the 10 Best SaaS Management Platforms

Here’s a brief introduction to all of the SaaS management platforms that we’ve reviewed to highlight what each excels at, with images to show the various capabilities.

#1. Zluri – Best for reducing SaaS wastage



Zluri offers insights into the ways SaaS apps are used and how money is spent.

Zluri is an information-driven SaaS management platform that is focused on the discovery of apps, their optimization, management and compliance. It can help you maximize your spend by eliminating duplicate apps by highlighting the tools you use less often and consolidating apps that have overlapping features.

Many of the IT tasks, such as renewals, onboarding, procurement and so on can be automated using Zluri. Security is improved by the elimination of unsecure applications and the control of compliance risk.

Pricing isn’t publicly available. However, a free trial is offered to organizations that have less that 25 people.

  • Free trial is available to businesses with fewer than 25 employees
  • Pricing is not disclosed publicly.
  • From $5/user/month

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#2. Onetool – Best for managing all your SaaS from a single app



Onetool simplifies the process of identify the most effective SaaS solutions for every use situation.

With Onetool it is possible to access all SaaS software you require through one subscription that is flexible. Instead of joining with different vendors, all you have to do is manage it all through one registration procedure.

Onetool lets IT teams to use all the tools they require via a single dashboard. One monthly cost per month and eliminate the necessity to manage multiple payment accounts.

Pricing for Onetool starts as low $5 per month for a user. There is no trial offer.

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#3. BetterCloud – Best for intuitive data security



BetterCloud easily integrates with many commonly used tools for business.

BetterCloud is an SaaS management platform that provides an automated management system, crucial insight, and intuitive data security. The software lets you observe SaaS subscriptions and keep up-to-date with key usage statistics across your business.

With the aid of BetterCloud You can receive alerts on issues that occur or occur, enforce password management, as well as manage profiles of users. Additionally, you can create custom reports using more than 100 features.

BetterCloud is priced at $3 per month for a user. There is no trial period for free.

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#4. SailPoint – The best choice for securing your identity on the cloud



SailPoint provides end users with complete picture of their SaaS use.

SailPoint is an identity-related governance platform that was designed specifically for cloud. It solves SaaS-related issues like security, compliance, and analytics.

With SailPoint it is easy to track who has access to certain tools, and how they’re being utilized. Users can control their digital identities without fear.

Pricing isn’t available publicly. There isn’t a trial offer.

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#5. Augmentt Engage – Best for managed service providers (MSPs)



Augmentt Engage lets MSPs in managing SaaS across multiple enterprises.

Augmentt Engage helps managed service providers secure SaaS services for customers. The platform simplifies provisioning, makes it easier to manage daily users and enhances security.

The software is managed on a single monitor and provides a live and actionable overview of the way SaaS is utilized across the company. Augmentt Engage integrates with most PSA and RMM platforms.

Augment Engage prices start at $0.49/user/month and a 14-day trial trial is provided.

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#6. Productiv – Best for understanding app engagement



Productiv, you can see how users are using their tools. Productiv you can view at a glance , how users are using Their SaaS tools.

Productiv is an SaaS management platform that is powered by the application engagement analytics. This tool lets you visualise the contents of your SaaS portfolio and assess the effectiveness and cost of specific applications.

The software analyzes and collects data on engagement to aid in understanding the purpose for which SaaS applications are being used to serve. Productiv also helps to see patterns in the use of SaaS applications.

Pricing is not made public. However, a free 90-day trial is offered.

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#7. Snow – Best for comprehensive license management



Snow gives you detailed overviews of your app’s usage as well as SaaS cost.

Snow is an Saas management platform that is designed to minimize the risk that are associated with IT assets management. It offers comprehensive analysis of IT operations, providing information of the technology used for all types of deployments.

With the aid of Snow it is possible to reduce the amount of licensing work and determine the compliance level for each application.

Pricing isn’t publicly available. There is also no free trial available.

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#8. Torii – Best an extensive range of integrations



With Torii it is possible to divide SaaS expense by app as well as by date.

Torii Cloud is an online platform to manage SaaS licenses including vendors, users and customers. It helps IT managers to view the available resources as well as monitor applications that are active and manage spending effectively.

The user-friendly platform comes with analytics features that allow managers can examine unusual activity monitor finances, and also make sure they are in compliance. Torii integrates with third-party apps like Slack, G Suite, Zoom, Salesforce, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Github and Zendesk.

Pricing isn’t publicly available and there isn’t a trial period for free.

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#9. Blissfully – Best for benchmarking SaaS spend



Vendr has purchased Blissfully, a company that develops SaaS management tools. It is a start-up that aims to help customers purchase software quicker and at a lower price. 

Vendr was able to raise 60 million in a round that was led by Tiger last year which makes it one of the software businesses that the crossover investor put their bets on in the 2021 boom. Vendr’s CEO, Ryan Neu, stated to TechCrunch that the company tripled in size in the last year and exceeded the annual $20 million ARR (ARR) threshold of $20 million annually.

The acquisition of Blissfully which TechCrunch discovered was valued at around $100 million, will help its growth in 2022. Neu declared that the acquisition will enable his company to continue the same rapid growth.

Blissfully is a SaaS management system that detects SaaS graphs, helps keep them organized and gives workflows for managing change.

With Blissfully it’s easy to track the usage of your application and also to track expenditures. Blissfully provides you with full insight into SaaS use across your business. You can track the use of the service, eliminate accounts that are not active and cut down on duplicate accounts.

This platform also automates the deletion of licenses after employees leave (offboarding) and also as automating the provisioning process for new employees. You can also see invoices, manage renewals for licenses and design approval workflows. Pricing plans are tailored to the specific needs of each company depending on the size and type of technology. Free trials are available upon request.

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#10. Vendr – Best for saving money on Saas



Vendr offers insight that can lead to huge savings.

Vendr is aiming to cut down the SaaS spending for IT teams by as much as 30 percent. Licenses are organized in general contracts, which allows users to negotiate discounts for large quantities.

Vendr will analyze the details of your SaaS pile and estimates the potential savings. Vendr promises that the savings will be greater than what you pay for the service.

Pricing starts at $3000/month for a month and there’s no free trial.

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These are the ten best SaaS management platforms that can help you get organized. Don’t forget to like, follow, and comment on our blog to let us know which platform is your favorite!

Best SaaS Management Platforms Summary

Software Overview Free Option Price Site
Zluri Read Zluri features & functionality Free trial is available to companies with less than 25 employees Pricing isn’t publicly announced. Check out Zluri
Onetool Read Onetool features & functionality Not Available From $5/user/month Check out Onetool
BetterCloud Read BetterCloud features & functionality Not Available From $3/user/month Check out BetterCloud
SailPoint Read SailPoint features & functionality Not Available Pricing isn’t publicly available. Check out SailPoint
Augmentt Engage Read Augmentt Engage features & functionality 14 days trial for free From $0.49/user/month Check out Augmentt Engage
Productiv Read Productiv features & functionality 90 days trial for free Pricing isn’t made public. Check out Productiv
Snow Read Snow features & functionality Not Available Pricing is not publically available Check out Snow
Torii Read Torii features & functionality Not Available Pricing isn’t publicly available. Check out Torii
Blissfully Learn Blissfully offers features and capabilities Not Available Pricing plans can be customized Check out Blissfully
Vendr Read Vendr features & functionality Not Available From $3000/user/month Check out Vendr

Other SaaS Management Software

Here are a few others that weren’t on the top 10 list.

  1. ActivTrak – Best for improving worker productivity
  2. Zylo – Best for advanced workflows and analytics
  3. USU Software Asset Management – Best for detail software insights
  4. Certero for Cloud – Best for app discovery
  5. Binadox – Best for managing SaaS spending
  6. SaaSOptics – Best for SaaS companies

What Exactly is a SaaS Platform?

The SaaS platform refers to a kind of software that is delivered via the Internet as “Software as an Service. Instead of being installed on the computer of the user the software is hosted on the cloud, and is accessible as necessary.

SaaS-based platforms can be used for various applications, from business management to marketing. Instead of buying the software for themselves, customers typically use the software on the pay-as-you-go system.

What Exactly is SaaS Management?

SaaS management is an increasingly crucial job of managing all “Software as a Service” applications that are used by an enterprise. This requires ensuring that the cloud software utilized is licensed appropriately and secure. It also requires that it be employed to the maximum advantage.

What Do You Think About SaaS Management Software?

SaaS management software adds a new dimension of complexity for your business’s IT systems. Do you consider it to be an essential automation tool or simply an additional complication to handle? Tell us how you utilize your SaaS management platform, and what advantages it can bring.

There are many great SaaS management platforms out there, but we want to make sure you choose the one that is best for your business. We will be publishing a comprehensive review of 10 different options, so please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to be notified when it’s published.

Businesses can easily manage their SaaS applications using the best SaaS management platforms. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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