Instagram has become the new frontier for businesses looking to make money online. While it can be difficult to know where to start, Instagram is actually a very easy platform to get started on. Here are 28 proven ways you can make money on Instagram!

Internet is a great opportunity to make money. Millions of people use it every day and there is no wonder that everyone wants to earn some extra money on the internet. There are millions of ways how you can make money online, but today we want to talk about Instagram. Let’s see what opportunities do you have on this social network and how much would you be able to earn here.

How to Make Money on Instagram – It’s possible to make money from the photos you post and videos you create (and live stream) on Instagram. This article will show you how to make money with your Instagram account.

If you’re looking to blog on Instagram, but don’t want to create a website, this is the place for you! It takes just one hour to start an Instagram blog. Continue reading to find out the steps involved in starting an Instagram blog.

Blogging has evolved over the years and the platforms which people turn to, to receive information, has changed as well. The shift from blogs that are hosted on websites to microblogging is a major change.

Microblogs are a way to communicate information using short posts, such as Instagram or Twitter.

Start a blog using Instagram: The microblogging-sphere would be a good fit. To start blogging, you don’t have to be a web designer or web host.

What exactly is a microblog?

A microblog is sharing your thoughts through any social media platform. It’s very simple. You might have been microblogging for years without even realizing it.

You can create a blog on Instagram to share your thoughts with an audience. It also gives you the opportunity to earn money for your posts through partnerships with brands.

Let’s get started. These are the steps you need to take in order to create an Instagram blog.

Table of Contents

#1. How to Start an Instagram Blog: Tips, Ideas, and Examples

Do you want to know how to use Instagram for growing your blog? This guide will show you how to increase your blog readership, and create a strong social media presence.

For someone that’s just started a blog, finding the perfect method to grow your blog’s traffic can be tricky.

Don’t worry though, social media is here to help. You can promote your blog using social media platforms such as Instagram. You need to do it correctly to get the results that you want.

This guide will help you promote your Instagram blog. This guide will show you how to use Instagram to promote your blog, how to find and attract readers, how embed your Instagram feed onto your WordPress blog to maximize engagement, and more.

Let’s get started, without further delay.

#2. Benefits of Instagram For Bloggers

Promoting a blog via Instagram has many benefits. Instagram can be a great place to increase your followers and readers if used correctly.

There are more than 1 billion active users every day, so there are many opportunities to promote your brand.

Instagram is a place where people want to see engaging visual content. Your brand can benefit from engaging content shared on Instagram.

It could be of great help to you:

  • Build a community around you blog
  • Increase your blog’s engagement
  • Promote your latest blog posts
  • Increase traffic to your blog
  • More

Let’s now look at the many benefits of Instagram.

#3. How To Start An Instagram Blog And How Does It Work?

It’s simple to set up an Instagram blog if you don’t have any experience. Because Instagram has a 2,200 character limit for captions, it is microblogging. This is in contrast to traditional blogging platforms which have no limit. For Instagram bloggers with over 15,000 followers, it is possible to make $200 per sponsored post.

These are the eight steps to get started with an Instagram blog.

#4. Create an Instagram Account And Choose a Good Username

Create an Instagram “Creator” Account

Your first step to starting a blog on Instagram is to sign up for Instagram and turn your personal Instagram account into a creator account.

Instagram currently has three different types of Instagram accounts: personal, business and creator.

Creator accounts were made specifically for bloggers and influencers (among a few others).

It is easy to create an Instagram account. The most time-consuming step is to choose your username. You can always change your username later, unlike other social media platforms. Many people prefer to use their full names as usernames in order to build a personal brand.

In just a few easy steps, you can get started with your Instagram account.

  • Get the Instagram app on the Google Play Store (Android), or App Store (iPhone).
  • To open Instagram, tap the icon.
  • If you are using an Android, sign up with your phone number or email address. You can use an iPhone to create an account. Next, enter your number. A text message will be sent with a code and verification code. Alternately you can choose to use a single sign-on using your Facebook login.
  • The prompt will ask you to create a username or password.
  • If you don’t want your family and friends to read your blog, make sure you have a public profile.

You can also sign up on Instagram using a computer. Multiple Instagram accounts can be created. You may have one account for your personal brand and another for your company (e.g., an ecommerce shop or podcast).

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 1

Once you’ve created an Instagram account, it is time to create a creator profile.

Unlike businesses, you do not need to set up a Facebook page for a creator account. However, if you wish to link your Facebook account to your page, you don’t need to.

Click on the hamburger icon at the top of your profile to get started.

Click on “Account” in the menu.

Next, click on “Switch To Professional Account”.

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 2

#5. Choose a Niche for Your Instagram Blog

You must choose a niche before you begin your Instagram journey. You can use a niche to help you choose the type of content that you want to post on Instagram.

Your Instagram blog niche should match the niche of the blog you wish to promote.

If you’re a fashion blogger, then you shouldn’t be posting or writing about finance. This will confuse your followers and make it more difficult to gain Instagram fans.

If you are still not sure about the niche, you need to spend some time deciding. You’ll need to stay true to your chosen niche once you have decided.

Check out our guide on finding a profitable niche for more tips.

If you want to grow your Instagram account, it is important to provide what your followers expect. You might confuse your followers if you post a sponsored advertisement for a recliner on Instagram. You’re telling your followers what type of content you will be publishing on your Instagram blog by choosing a niche.

When making decisions, it is important to be careful choosing a niche. Although you can always change your focus later, it can cause confusion for your audience. Many Instagram bloggers begin with a broad category, such as a lifestyle blog, before moving on to a more specific niche like parenting or travel. Important to remember that not all Instagram bloggers end up being successful. Create blog websites that don’t limit the number of characters that you can use.


You can be more specific within a travel niche. You can focus on either domestic travel or international travel on some Instagram blogs. You can find entire blogs dedicated to Disney travel. There are also blogs that focus on solo travel, plus-size travel, family travel, and traveling with pets. One travel Instagrammer even dedicates her account camping in her living space to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many Instagram travel bloggers have success hosting tours and making money. Many bloggers also share their knowledge on how to travel more. To get inspiration for new places, I am a fellow travel blogger and follow many other travel bloggers on Instagram.

The Blonde Abroad is an Instagram travel blog. Her website also includes a blog, YouTube channel, private Facebook community, as well as tours all over the globe.

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 3

Young girl with long hair in yellow sweater, jeans is sitting on suitcase in airport. Guy with beard in black shirt with pants and suitcase is standing near. They are looking on tablet.


Lifestyle Instagram blogs often feature photos and posts about everyday activities, hobbies, and insights. They tend to focus on a specific category rather than sharing everything. Lifestyle bloggers may write about money, family, travel and food.

Brand partnerships are a popular way for lifestyle Instagram bloggers to monetize their content. Brand partnerships can often be sponsored posts where the Instagrammer is paid to post a story or Instagram photo about a product. They may also be able to join affiliate programs with other brands and receive a commission for any sales they refer.

Rebeka Rpati, a lifestyle blogger, also has a blue verified mark. It’s likely that she is Miss Universe Hungary and a TV host. This allows other users to know that this account is legitimate.

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022)  4


There are many niches for food Instagram bloggers. There are bloggers who blog about baking, grilling and sous vide. Bloggers can be diet-specific, such as paleo, keto, or gluten-free. Bloggers may also showcase the food they ate while traveling or the food that was only available in a particular area, such as NYC food trucks.

Brand partnerships, cookbook writing, and creating their own gadgets are some ways that Instagram food bloggers can make money from their blogs. Sous vide bloggers might share a recipe using sous vide and link to their favorite sous vide machines.

Pinch of Yum, a Minnesota-based couple that blogs about food and photography, also hosts workshops on food photography and runs a food blogger site where they teach others how to start their own food blog.

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 5

Studio shot of hungry woman with sandwich. Caucasian girl eats hamburger with pleasure.


Many money-related topics are covered by Instagram money bloggers. These topics include personal finances, credit cards and paying off debt. They also discuss making money, investing, as well as investment-specific niches such Forex or cryptocurrency.

Money bloggers make money by partnering, sponsored posts and affiliate links. Popular money bloggers have developed their own tools, such as planners and budget binders. Popular monetization strategies of money bloggers include online coaching, consulting, and membership websites.

Ramit Sethi, a personal finance blogger behind “I Will Teach you to Be Rich”, a NY Times bestseller.

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 6

#6. Make Use of Your Instagram Bio

An Instagram bio is a small piece of text that appears below your Instagram photo. Your Instagram profile allows users to view your photo and all the posts you have created. This is also where people can follow you. You can use this area to tell everyone who you are and what you believe in within just 150 characters. You have one chance to make a first impression. So spend some time creating a compelling bio.

It’s important to let your followers know what you can expect from them if you become an Instagram blogger. Users may choose to share their contact information, such as an email address or phone number. This is especially important if they are a company or want to discuss collaboration opportunities. Some users prefer to share their location and hobbies, while others prefer to share a quote.

Be specific about what you want to highlight in your bio. Make sure it is relevant to your niche and the audience you are targeting. If you are clear about who you are and what you want to convey, it is easier to attract people who share your values.

My Instagram bio clearly shows that I am a travel blogger. You can expect to see photos of our homestead and my family.

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 7

#7. Get or Source Attractive Images

Instagram is a visual platform that places more emphasis on photos than captions. Follow your Instagram account to see the photos you share Brand identity design So that your style is recognized before the user confirms it.

The same aesthetic should be maintained across all your Instagram posts. This will help you create a consistent look for your profile. You don’t always have to use your own photos to post. You can use many stock photo sites, such as Pixabay and Pexels. Although many of these images do not require attribution it is a good idea to check the restrictions on each image.

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 8

These photos by have the same warm feeling and would look great on the same Instagram account. Photo of the happy family looking at camera outdoors

#8. Write Your Instagram Blog Posts

A caption is also used in Instagram blog posts. Captions can not exceed 2,200 characters. Many consider using Instagram to blog as microblogging. This is different from writing a full-fledged website.

Blog posts don’t have to be more than 2200 words in order to tell a story. Instagram is a great place to share short, thought-provoking captions. Your first and last lines of captions should be the most important.

Your first line should grab the attention of the reader. It should be a short one-liner. What’s stopping someone from scrolling through your post on their newsfeed? It should be short enough that they can easily read the caption without needing to click “more”. You can share an offer, make an interesting statement, or provoke an emotional response.

The last line of your message should contain a call-to-action (CTA) Your CTA could be as simple as asking followers to comment on your posts. Your CTA may ask you to tag a friend. For more information, see the link in the bio or click the follow button. The “double tap if I agree” CTA is a reference to the action one does to “like” an Instagram photo.

If you are writing a lot, it is important to ensure that you break up your text. It can be difficult to read large amounts of text without line breaks. Your content should be simple to read. Instagram makes it difficult to create this content within the app. Many people use word processors or notes to write down their drafts before pasting them into Instagram to keep the formatting.

#9. To Boost Discoverability, Use Relevant Hashtags

A hashtag is a phrase or word preceded by a (#). hash sign. These hashtags enable users to search for messages related to a topic. It will show travel photos if you enter #travelinspo into the search field of Instagram.

Both static Instagram posts, as well as Instagram stories, can contain hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags in static posts. A story can contain up to 10 hashtags. Even non-followers can search for your content using hashtags. This allows Instagram bloggers to reach new audiences and grows their following.

Many bloggers use to find the most relevant hashtags. It allows you to enter a hashtag and it will suggest similar hashtags or other hashtags that are commonly associated with the hashtag. Once you have reached your limit of 30 hashtags for your caption, the program will notify you.

There are 48,000,000 posts using the #travelblogger hashtag. To see these posts in their newsfeed, users can follow a hashtag without following any creator.

#10. Share Your Blog Posts on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to increase traffic to your blog. Engaging visual content can help you leverage Instagram’s large user base and encourage them to visit your blog.

Although it may seem like an easy task, sharing blog posts on Instagram is not. You need to use the following:

  • High-quality images
  • Captivating captions
  • Relevant hashtags

Take a look at post from WPBeginner’s Instagram as an example:

To promote their blog posts, they use high-quality photos.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer expert to create visually appealing images for WPBeginner and other large brands.

You can use a free tool like Canva to make high-quality images for your Instagram blog. To create images such as the one below, you can also use their templates.

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 9

Here are some tips to help you write compelling captions.

  • You can start with a hook by telling an amusing story or asking a question.
  • You can share your thoughts and experiences. Your audience will be more likely to relate to you the more they can.
  • You can end on a positive note by sharing a solution for their problem.
  • Use an attractive call-to-action to tell them where they should go next. (more later).

Let’s now talk about hashtags.

#11. Relevant Hashtags Should Be Used

The right hashtags can make a huge impact on the reach of your Instagram posts.

Instagram users love hashtags because they make it easy to find relevant content. You can increase your followers and readers by using hashtags that are well-known in your niche.

Follow bloggers in your niche and see which hashtags they use. This is a great way to discover hashtags.

For example, if you have a food blog, you can see that fellow food bloggers on Instagram use hashtags like #EasyRecipe, #FamilyDinners, #InstagramFood, #RecipeIdeas, and more.

You should verify the use of hashtags before you add them to your posts. It’s unlikely that people will search for the hashtag if it has less than 1000 posts. Popular hashtags that are relevant to your topic attract more people.

To find out how popular hashtags are on Instagram, simply search for them:

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 10

It is also possible to do some research on keywords that your potential followers use to find content. To make things easy for yourself, you can use Tailwind. Tailwind offers an Instagram Hashtag Locator tool that will help you locate relevant hashtags within your niche.

Instagram allows users to choose the hashtags they want to follow. If you use relevant hashtags, your posts can appear in the feeds of your target audience even if they don’t follow you.

Instagram allows you to only use 30 hashtags per post. You must ensure that your hashtags are relevant to your audience in order to avoid losing valuable space in the description of your post.

#12. Geotag Your Posts

Geotagging a post is simply adding a geographic location to inform others about where the photo was taken. Some users like to provide more details about the location of an image, such as the name and address of a coffee shop. Some prefer to tag Manhattan or New York in a more general way.

Geotagging allows others to see your location. Geotagging also allows others to find images from a specific location. To find other people who have been to the same spot, a user can search Instagram using their location. Bloggers can include your location to increase their reach. Instagram users can search for geotagged posts and find anyone that is. You might get a new follower if a user likes something you have posted.

#13. CTAs Can Be Used In Your Posts

You may have seen text online that said “click here” or downloaded this exclusive content, words that prompt you to take action. These are known as calls-to-action, or CTAs.

If you want your Instagram followers to visit your website or read your blog posts, you need to include CTAs in your Instagram posts.

As we know, Instagram does not allow users to add clickable links to their Instagram posts. You can still include the URL to allow your audience to navigate to your blog. Although it may not be clickable the URL will still work if your captions are compelling.

Check out the following:

You can also add a CTA to your caption asking users to click the link in your bio.

You can also include CTAs to increase engagement on your Instagram posts.

All social media platforms reward posts with high engagement, such as comments, likes and shares.

CTAs are a great way to get your followers to interact with your Instagram posts. Ask your followers to engage with your post. This could be done by asking them a question, asking them to share their experience, or simply asking them to like and share the post.

#14. Your Instagram Feed Can Be Embedded On Your Blog

You may be asking, “What’s the point in having an Instagram account on your WordPress blog?”

You can increase engagement on your blog by embedding an Instagram feed.

We have already discussed that Instagram posts with high engagement rates are more visible. Having more visibility can increase your chances of gaining more followers.

You can also introduce your Instagram account directly to your blog readers.

A blog with an Instagram account is the best way for you to increase your Instagram growth.

We recommend using Instagram Feed Pro by Smash Balloon to display customizable Instagram feeds on your WordPress blog.

This is how an Instagram feed might look on your blog.

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 11

You can read our step by step guide on how to add an Instagram widget to your blog for more details.

#15. Keep To Your Posting Schedule

You must be consistent in your efforts to use social media for your blog and your online business.

It’s not worth feeling motivated and inspired now, and then dropping out of Instagram a few weeks later.

Instagram users thrive on consistency. If you only post once per day, your followers will expect that you post content every day. You will lose followers if you break this consistency.

You can increase your Instagram views, engagement, followers, and reach more people by posting consistently.

It is a great way to maintain a consistent posting schedule. You can create a social media calendar in Excel, Google Docs or Google Calendar. The following example illustrates this:

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 12

You can also use a scheduling tool like Buffer to automate your posting schedule. This allows you to schedule your posts in advance and saves time.

#16. Connect With Your Audience

If you want your followers to stick around, it is important to establish a strong relationship with them.

Being yourself is the best way to connect with your audience. This phrase is probably something you’ve heard a lot. However, it’s what makes people connect with your brand and you.

People love bloggers that share their stories and tips from a personal space.

Keep in mind that everything you post is for your audience. Your posts should be written as if you were talking to a friend. This will make your message more relatable, especially if it solves their problems.

To strengthen your relationships with your followers, don’t forget about to comment on their posts.

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 13

#17. Make Use of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the best ways you can promote your blog and gain new followers. Instagram Stories’ popularity isn’t going down anytime soon, as 70% of Instagram users watch Instagram Stories every day.

Instagram Stories is a great way to promote your blog. You can post a link directly to your blog on this platform, which is not possible with regular Instagram posts. This feature is only available to those with at least 10,000 followers.

You can also use Instagram Stories to keep your followers interested until you reach this milestone. It’s visually appealing and engaging, so it’s a great way for them to stay connected. You can also reach a new fan base, which will help you grow your blog!

Pro Tip: You can spread the information across multiple story frames. You can be sure that viewers won’t see all the information on one slide. They will instead scroll to the next story.

You can grab their attention by limiting the information to three or four slides and using engaging visuals.

Here’s an example:

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 14
28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 15

You can easily create engaging Instagram Stories using Instagram Story templates from Canva.

#18. Follow Other Bloggers And Engage With Their Content

Engaging and relatable content is a great way to be noticed and grow your Instagram following.

You can also follow and like other influential bloggers in your niche to make it more effective.

This is a great way for you to be more visible in the blog community.

Your peers may choose to feature you in their posts or contact you to discuss a collaboration. Collaboration with other bloggers or businesses can greatly increase the visibility of your blog.

These tips will help you to get started collaborating with fellow bloggers.

  • To find bloggers you are interested in working with, use popular hashtags within your niche. After you have started following them, interact with their posts by liking and commenting.
  • Look for brands that are active on Instagram. Once you find them, you can reach out to them and ask for a collaboration.

It’s a great way for you to connect with new people via Instagram.

#19. Run Instagram Giveaways

Another great way to increase your Instagram followers is to run giveaways. Giveaways are a great way to get attention on Instagram.

Running a giveaway might seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually pretty easy when you use RafflePress.

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 16

RafflePress offers giveaway templates you can customize using the drag-and drop builder and built-in social media integrations.

RafflePress also offers actions users can take to earn extra giveaway entries, such as:

  • Check out your Instagram account
  • Check out a specific Instagram video/post
  • Register for the email newsletter
  • Visit a page of your website
  • Refer-a friend

Check out our post on how to run a giveaway for more tips.

#20. You Can Use Instagram Ads To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Using ads to drive traffic to your Instagram blog without spending too much time building a following is the best way.

Instagram ads don’t cost a lot and are very easy to manage, contrary to popular belief. You can send people anywhere you like. This could be your blog, a blog post you just published, or a page that converts visitors to your website.

You can either customize your target audience or let Instagram target people.

To get started with Instagram ads, you will need a Facebook Page in order to create a free account on Instagram for your business. Once you have set that up, you can create your ads from here.

Then, you can choose the goal for the ad as shown in this example:

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 17

Instagram ads are a great way to get traffic to your blog if you have the budget and time. It is worth every penny.

This is it!

#21. Get To Know Other Instagram Users

Social media is all about being social. This involves engaging with other Instagram users. You can comment and like other users’ posts and can also follow them. Interacting with other users increases their likelihood of visiting your microblog and profile. If they like what you see, they might follow you back or leave a comment or like to show their appreciation.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the most loved features on Instagram. The story acts as a slideshow and is only visible for 24 hours on the Instagram Story feed unless you choose not to feature it. The Instagram Story will be featured in your Highlight section, and it will stay there until you delete it.

These Instagram stories allow users to share images, videos, and text. Stories are less curated than static posts that appear in your Instagram feed. They will remain on your profile forever unless you delete them. Many people choose to share behind-the-scenes footage from their day on their stories. You can also share GIFs and create polls. Bloggers can tag stories of other users and, if necessary, they can also share GIFs. Sell on Instagram They can also tag products.

You can enable a feature that allows visitors to swipe up on your story if you have over 10,000 followers on Instagram. A user can swipe up on the content to take them to the URL of their choice. This is a great spot to add an affiliate link.

Instagram Stories allow you to see who has viewed your story.

Comment and like other users’ posts

Engaging with other users’ content increases their likelihood of returning the favor. Your comments on other posts should be more thoughtful than an emoji and show that your captions were actually read. A sentence or two is enough.

Follow other users

The follow-unfollow technique is one of the most common mistakes on Instagram. It is when you follow a user with the intent of having them unfollow you once they have. Although it’s quite common on Instagram, many people find it to be tacky.

Instagram stated that they are working to develop policies to stop this from happening. The best way to grow your followers is to authentically connect with other users that you like.

#22. How to Make Your Instagram Blog More Profitable

There are many options. Make money with your Instagram blog. These methods of monetization include becoming an affiliate for another’s products or services, creating the sponsored post,s and selling your products and/or services.

You can include a link in your bio, but any links added to the caption of a post won’t be clickable. Some people choose to create a free account with a website provider, like Square Online and host a list of links there. This is useful if your posts include different links.

Otherwise, you can use, which is another popular place to list your URLs. is not the best place for bloggers with a website. I prefer to get page views, rather than passing them on to another service. There have been instances when accounts were temporarily closed down due to an update on Instagram.

This is an example of a landingpage that an Instagram account links directly to, but it works the same. Source: April Beach’s SweetLife Company

Affiliate marketing programs allow creators to earn a commission by referring customers to merchants. These commissions typically amount to one to 10 percent of a sale but can be increased if a lead is generated or a click via a custom link. Clicks and leads typically pay less than $1.

Many Instagram bloggers find this a great option because they are often talking about their favorite products or services. It might be worth getting paid. Merchants and bloggers sometimes offer incentives to their followers, such as a 10% discount coupon. These incentives don’t typically count towards the affiliate commission and instead come out of the merchants’ marketing budget.

Reward Style allows Instagram bloggers to sign up to an account. This app uses the App to allow them to easily share products in their posts. This is the best part: The blogger gets a commission on sales.

Example of @arrayoffaces using affiliate codes to promote a product

Make Sponsored Posts

In exchange for a free product, discount, or cash, Instagram bloggers can produce content for brands. The number of your followers and how much engagement you get will determine the amount you can earn per post. A blogger with 15,000 followers might earn $200 for a post and $350 for a video. Stories on Instagram tend to be less lucrative because they disappear within 24 hours. Learn more about setting your blog rates.

Because brands care more about engagement metrics than vanity metrics, you can still make money. This is because you can artificially increase the number of likes and followers you have by buying these. Comments are more difficult to create artificially. Engaged audiences are more likely to trust and listen to you.

Sell Your Own Products & Services

You can control the features and production of your products and services by creating your own. Products such as supplements, books, ebooks, apparel, kitchen gadgets, and e-books can all be created. You can also offer design, coaching, and consulting services. These tend to have higher profit margins because you don’t have to produce any physical goods.

#23. Monetizing Your Instagram

There are three main ways you can make money with Instagram. Each method will be linked to a blog post that provides more detail.

  1. Sponsored content – Brands will pay you to talk about their products. This is one way influencers make money via their Instagram accounts.
  2. Affiliate links – You can earn a commission by sharing products that you love and selling via your affiliate link.
  3. Sell your products – Products are not just for those with millions of followers. You can start selling digital downloads right now.

Diversifying your monetization strategy is a smart idea. I recommend that you try all three.

#24. The Benefits Of Starting A Blog On Instagram

There are many benefits to blogging through Instagram. There’s no need to worry about creating 1000+ words articles or managing a website.

Plus, it’s easy to take good pictures of yourself and by yourself these days, which means you can get up and running without needing:

  1. A photographer
  2. Any expensive equipment (although, we’ll later discuss additional equipment to enhance your photos)

Many brands rely solely on microblogs to increase sales and connect with their customers.

Artestilebeauty, for example, uses Instagram as their blog to direct users to their online shop.

They choose to use Instagram instead of hosting a blog on their site. This allows them to increase their sales by directing their followers to their website via posts and Instagram stories.

Artestilebeauty enjoys communicating directly with customers via direct messages and comments, in addition to increasing their sales. This allows them to strengthen their customer/brand relationships!

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 18

Victoria Zermeno also uses her Instagram in place of a blog. Victoria likes that Instagram allows her to connect with brands and allows her to share affiliate products.

Victoria uses Instagram to promote her business, but she also connects with like-minded women on the platform!

28 Proven Ways How To Make Money On Instagram (2022) 19

Before we get into how to create an Instagram blog, let’s talk about the downfalls.

#25. Instagram’s Downfalls

We wouldn’t complete this article if we didn’t mention the drawbacks to creating a blog on Instagram.

Your analytics are limited to the information that Instagram provides you, and it isn’t as detailed or comprehensive as Google Analytics.

You can use your analytics to get a deep understanding of your audience and then begin to test different items to increase your traffic.

This is possible with Instagram Insights. However, it is not impossible.

You don’t technically own your Instagram content.

Everything you have worked for on Instagram would disappear if it shut down tomorrow. You could also lose all your data if your account is hacked.

However, the same could happen to your website if it was hacked.

Only difference is that you can back up your website and restore it if necessary.

Instagram cannot be backed up. It’s irreplaceable if it was stolen or deleted.

Enabling two-factor verification is one way to prevent your account from being hacked, but I do recommend diversifying as much as possible.

#26. Is It A Good Idea To Start An Instagram Blog?

If you’re just starting a blog on Instagram, it is a great way to get started and to see if you like the idea of creating content for a living.

Do I recommend that you start a blog only on Instagram?

Personally, I think it’s much better to start a blog (on a website) as well have an Instagram account. You can have more control over what you post and sell your products, as well as grow your business.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter what reason you have for wanting to start an Instagram blog. You can do it quickly. After creating your account, you can start sourcing images and writing your first post. It takes only a few minutes. You can create engaging content quickly with Instagram, without having to spend money, build a following, and possibly even make money.

That’s a wrap!

We hope that you found these tips useful on how to promote your Instagram blog. But more importantly, we hope that you will actually take action to implement them to grow your blog.

These tips will help you see significant growth in traffic to your blog via Instagram. Although it takes some effort, once you start to implement these tips, you’ll see the benefits Instagram has for bloggers.

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FAQs on How to Start An Instagram Blog

This section answers the most common questions regarding how to create an Instagram blog.

What are the Instagram bloggers most successful?

Instagram bloggers can post frequently, have less than 100 followers, and still make little. There are also bloggers with millions of followers who make millions of dollars. Success will not be measured by how successful you are, but your talent, resources and dedication to blogging on Instagram.

How many followers are required to be considered an influential person?

Influencer status is not determined by how many followers you have on Instagram. You can have up to five Instagram followers. If you post about a tea mug and your followers go to buy it, then you have officially influenced the purchase.

How many Instagram followers am I required to be verified?

Instagram verification doesn’t care about the number of followers. Accounts that are notable, such as those often copied, are eligible for verification. These accounts include politicians, celebrities, and athletes. Instagram can verify you and will review your noteworthy accomplishments through independent sources such as news channels or magazines.

Final Thought

You can make money on Instagram, and there are many ways to get started. We’ve identified 28 effective ways you can use to start making money right away.

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