How to Start a Blog on Instagram for Make Money

Start a blog on Instagram is easy and will help you make money. If you are interesting in starting an Instagram Blog, you must know what to do before getting started. So let’s start by discussing some important steps that need to be taken before launching your blog.

Nowadays, it is very easy to create a blog on Instagram. You can use your existing photos or take new ones with your smartphone to show the world what you are doing every day. If you are thinking about creating an Instagram blog for money, you have to know how it works and how to make money from this activity.

Want to Start Blogging on Instagram

There are many ways to make money on Instagram. However, blogging is one of the fastest ways to get started earning income from Instagram. If you’ve never blogged before, or if you have no idea how to start a blog, don’t worry! There are plenty of easy-to-use platforms that enable anyone with an Instagram account to create a professional looking blog in just minutes.

In the social media world, Instagram is a popular choice for content marketing. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to reach a wide audience as a small business owner. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or an online shop, your customers are likely on Instagram – especially if they’re young and hip.

How To Start A Blog On Instagram For Make Money

If you want to start blogging on Instagram but don’t want to set up a website, you’re at the right spot! The process of starting blogging on Instagram is simple, quick and can be accomplished in less than one hour.

Blogging has evolved over the years and the platforms which people turn to, to receive information, has changed as well. One major change is the shift from actual blogs hosted on webs sites to people microblogging.

A microblog is a method to provide information in brief, short posts. Think Instagram as well as Twitter!

Starting a blog on Instagram  would be considered to fall into the microblogging sphere. And the best news? It’s not necessary to worry about web hosting or web design, nor write long posts to start posting with Instagram!

What is a Microblog Exactly?

A microblog allows you to share your thoughts on every social network. It’s quite simple. You’ve probably been doing microblogging for a while and didn’t even know that!

Making your own blog on Instagram allows you to publish your thoughts to an audience of many, but they also offer the possibility to earn money by the company for Instagram posts through partnerships with brands and showing their products!

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

Let’s begin.

Below are some steps needed to create an Instagram blog.

Step #1. Create an Instagram “Creator” Account

The first step to start your blog with Instagram is to sign-up for Instagram and then turn the private Instagram account into an account for creators.

Instagram currently offers three kinds of Instagram accounts that include business, personal and creator.

Creator accounts were created specifically for influencers and bloggers (among several others).

The creator account offers numerous benefits, which we’ll be talking about once I demonstrate how to change the account you have on Instagram profile from personal into creator.

To begin, go to or open the Instagram application and then follow the steps to sign up.

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

After you’ve created your Instagram account It’s time to move to a creator account.

Unlike businesses, you do not need to set up a Facebook page for a creator account. If you want to link your Facebook page to your account you can, however, it’s not required.

To begin, go to your profile, then select the hamburger button located in the upper right corner.

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

In the menu below you can click the link that appears “Account”.

Then, click “Switch to a Professional Account”.

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

Once you have completed the process, you’ll be able select which account you would like to create an account for a creator or one for business.

After you will be able to select whether you want a creator account or a business account.

You are able to choose which but it is important to note that the account creator was designed specifically for influencers.

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

After that, Instagram will ask you to choose what Instagram category you fall under as a creator.

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

Finally you’ll be asked for confirmation of the change. And you’re done!

Benefits of a creator account when blogging on Instagram

Now that you’ve set your creator profile up, let’s talk about how you will benefit from a creator profile if you plan to start a blog on Instagram

a. Instagram insights

Instagram allows creators to look into their own insights and data.

This makes it simple for users to view the demographics of their followers. They can also determine the ideal time to publish to get more engagement as well as the reach of each individual post and more.

These insights are vital when you’re trying to determine the things that are working as well as what’s not.

If you blog via an actual website, you’ll be able to access a wealth of useful analytics to assist you in formulating your strategies.

If you’re blogging on Instagram You won’t get the same kind of analytics as websites offer, however you still have access to useful data through Instagram Insights.

Make sure you have your profile created in a way that when you start posting through Instagram then you’ll have the ability benefit from Instagram Insights!

b. Ads

With a creator account you can promote your posts, similar to boosting posts in Facebook. Users can advertise their profiles to expand their following.

You don’t need ads, but it’s a nice option to have!

If you have more than 10,000 followers, then you’ll be able to profit by including links in Instagram stories. Instagram stories! You can direct users to a specific link by making users “swipe to the right” on your post.

If you don’t have a blog you might not understand the point of this, however, there’s plenty of opportunity to earn money via Instagram even without a blog.

A swipe-up feature could be very useful if you are planning to make use of affiliate marketing as an element of your monetization plan or you could utilize a tool like later’s “ to make your entire feed available for shopping!

d. Contact button

A contact button which directly opens an email and allows your readers to contact you could be helpful if you’re planning to cooperate in conjunction with other brands.

Sure, people can direct message you on a personal account, but having a direct link to your email is also beneficial (and a bit more professional).

The majority of blogs feature an contact form, and when you’re blogging on Instagram then you must be able to connect your email to it, so that brands are able to easily reach your email inbox.

Step #2. Find Your Blogging Niche

It could become step 1, or 2 based on the way you see it, but it’s crucial to locate a specific area of interest.

Niches can be very narrow (and extremely specific) or wide.

If you’re stuck trying to find a topic to the Instagram blog, you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. What does my audience want to see from me?    
  2. What can I help my audience with?    
  3. What types of companies do I want to partner with?    
  4. What will I be able to post consistently about?

If you’re an expert in fitness it is sensible to narrow your focus to the fitness and health sector by sharing pictures that are related to fitness.

Instagrammer Shanna Leigh has been blogging micro-blogging on Instagram for several years, but has not yet launched a website.

She works with top brands every month. Her primary focus is fashion and lifestyle.

While you don’t have to pick a niche in all likelihood (a lifestyle blog is an all-encompassing, broad-based niche) It is definitely helpful to have a specificity.

Below is a listing of the various Instagram niches that can provide you with some ideas:

  • fitness
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Parenting
  • craft/DIY
  • travel
  • business
  • Coaching
  • Motivation
  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Photography
  • interior design
  • certain cities (i.e. If you reside within L.A., you could only focus on restaurants that are located in L.A.)
  • Best of _____  (this could be best of a certain city, best photos of cats, best nature photos )
  • Photos manipulation (aka photoshopped photographs)

Step #3. Redesign Your Instagram Bio and Profile Photo

Your Instagram bio and profile photo are super important.

If someone visits the Instagram page, they’ll take a look at a few important factors before deciding whether or not follow your page.

First, they look at your profile photo and bio. On most mobile devices, your bio and profile photo take up the majority of space. This is called “above-the-fold” in web design and essentially refers to the content the user sees before scrolling.

See how the user is only able to see my Story Highlights, my profile photo my bio and three Instagram photos? It doesn’t matter if I have a grid full of the best photos in the world, because if my bio doesn’t capture their attention, they won’t want to scroll to see the rest of my content.

Similar principles are employed when designing web pages!

Web designers ensure that the content that is above the fold is appealing enough to draw the viewer to continue scrolling or taking action.


Check out your profile using your smartphone and check out what it appears like. What kinds of things do you first see?

If someone came across your Instagram blog is it likely that they would stay for a few minutes just looking at your bio and profile photo?

It is important that your Instagram bio should inform the user important information about you, including the person you are, the things you do, and the value your followers get from you as well as the benefit you provide to followers, etc.

Step #4. Plan Your Instagram Blog Content

Now comes the exciting part! Now is the time to begin making your content plans and then actually posting on Instagram!

Since your Instagram will function as your blog, you’re not going to be able to guide users to the 500+ word content. Your Instagram account will serve as your primary focus!

What does this mean?

You will have to ensure that you have Instagram feed is filled with excellent photos and lots of engagement (especially when you plan to collaborate in partnership with companies).

And by full, I don’t just mean you post once or twice a week.

If your Instagram will serve as your primary platform, you’ll have to be posting at least once a day (including posts and stories).

I also suggest getting important photography equipment to use on the Instagram to take gorgeous photos. However, even if you’re on a low budget, you could create beautiful photos on Instagram using the help of your iPhone.

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

Using Lightroom mobile presets will help you achieve a beautiful Instagram feed theme without having to spend hours editing your photos! There are also lots of free Instagram theme apps you can use to plan and create your feed.

In terms of what you should write about, here are a few suggestions for posts on Instagram to assist you in starting:

  • Introduce yourself
  • You can share the behind-the-scenes details of your work
  • Share your top products
  • collaborate with other influencers and also do takeovers
  • Share your pets
  • do a giveaway

Step #5. Create Captivating Instagram Captions

Your captions will serve as the copy for your photos. They are going to help you tell your story to your audience and since you are blogging on Instagram, the captions are an important (and often overlooked) component!

What number of times been seated to upload your photo , only to write a caption only to then you freeze?

“Maybe I’ll just add a sunset emoji and heart emoji and be done with it? !” You think to yourself.


Let’s discuss the importance of captions for you to make your Instagram to become your blog and why a handful of emojis won’t make a difference.

Captions encourage your viewers to look beyond the beautiful image you’ve posted.

Photos are worth 1,000 words but a photograph with a well-thought-out caption can be valued at 10,000 words.

Your captions will help your viewers to comprehend the reason they should care. What are the reasons why they should be concerned if you’ve uploaded photos of your coffee?

It is possible to find millions of latte pictures on Instagram The way to distinguish your latte image (or photograph of your pet or attire) is to create an engaging caption that includes an appropriate call-to-action (CTA).

A CTA is something that asks the user to take some form of action, whether that be to double tap the heart button (and like your post), click the link in your bio or watch your story!

A strong caption will allow you to inspire your viewers to click with your CTA.

When you’re creating your caption be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is my CTA? What is the ultimate goal of this photo?    
  2. How can I write a story that will lead the user to the CTA?    
  3. How can I make this caption relatable to my audience and make them care?

Take a look at this image below. I could have captioned it like “gettin doing some work Today!” or used some peace symbol Emojis.

Instead, I chose to write about the brand new Facebook group I had set up for entrepreneurs and bloggers.

I shared a little an explanation of the reasons I initiated the group, and what the CTA was enticing members to join.

There’s also an error in grammar ( face-palm, I’m human).

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

Step #6. Create a Community Around Instagram Blog

The next step is create a community and boost your engagement on your blog’s new post on Instagram! Begin by engaging with other accounts you follow as well as accounts you believe would appreciate your blog’s content.

How do you find people who you think would like your content?

This is a simple task to do! Create a list of five or so influential influencers within your field. Check out who follows them, and then start engaging with them!

There is a good chance that if you are following an influencer within your niche, this is because they are attracted to the topic in question that increases the chance that they’ll be interested in the content you’re posting about!

You can join in by leaving thoughtful comments on their pictures and also liking their posts.

If you leave comments on the content of someone else, they are more likely to return the favor later on for you!

Tip: Lots of bloggers fall into the trap of comment pods to grow their community but those don’t work — avoid them as much as possible

Step #7. Use High-Performing Hashtags

It is also important to search for hashtags that are relevant to your profile! Common hashtags like “#love” and “#follow” are very general and don’t offer much value.

They aren’t geared towards any particular population and won’t bring targeted traffic to your account.

Look at how the use of hashtags that are appropriate brought me more than 17,000 views by hashtags by themselves!

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

Selecting the right hashtags can skyrocket your impressions.

The best method of finding hashtags is to utilize a hashtag searcher, that will do your work, while locating hashtags that bring the most attention! .

As a blogger or influencer It is essential to ensure you’re using the appropriate mix of hashtags that are competitive. If the hashtags you choose to use on your image are competitive, your content could be overshadowed by the crowd.

But, if you pick a well-balanced mix of hashtags with a niche as well as a moderately competitive one it increases the chance of your blog getting noticed to more users is increased!

Click here to test an absolutely free trial of the Tailwind hashtag research tool

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

Signing-up with the details of your Instagram account. Join for free using an Instagram account to try the hashtag finder of Tailwind a go.

Also, I have lists of hashtags that are specific to areas:

Step #8. Create Quality Media

Instagram is a highly competitive platform and you’ll need to ensure that the images (and videos) that you upload are high quality.

Some phones can provide amazing images and many bloggers are able to utilize their phones to snap the perfect image.

My phone, however, can’t take great photos, and that’s the reason I prefer to use a camera make all my content.

Here’s a list the top photographers’ cameras should you want to purchase a new camera that will help you improve your photography.

Step #9. Start Blogging and Add Other Instagram Features

Beyond normal postings, Instagram has other features bloggers can utilize to increase the reach of their profiles, including Instagram Stories, Reels, Instagram TV and Live. Be sure that in addition to your usual posts, you’re also playing using these other options.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to organize your most popular stories by adding them to your Story Highlight on your profile so followers can view them past their 24-hour lifespan!

Step #10. How to Make Money on Instagram

Learn more about earning money to write posts Instagram on this page, But let’s go over the basics, shall we?

There are three ways to earn money through Instagram. In each case I’m linking out to a useful blog article that will go into greater detail:

a. Sponsored content

Brands pay you to talk about their products. This is among the most well-known ways that influencers earn money through the use of their Instagram accounts.

If you promote products you are passionate about HTML0, you could earn a percentage of the sales made through an affiliate hyperlink. Sign up for various Affiliate programs by clicking here.

c. Selling your own products

It’s not exclusively for influencers who have millions of fans! You can start selling digital downloads right now. Check out this list of digital products to start!

It’s good to diversify your strategies for monetization So I would suggest exploring all three strategies to determine the one that works best for your needs.

Benefits of Starting a Blog on Instagram

The blogging experience on Instagram certainly has its advantages. It’s not necessary to be worried about managing your website or writing 1000+ words of content!

It’s also easy to capture great photos of yourself as well as by yourself nowadays, which means you can start running with no need to:

  1. A photographer
  2. Any expensive equipment (although we’ll later talk about additional equipment to help enhance your photos to a higher level)

Certain brands depend solely on microblogs to boost sales and connect with their customers.

Artestilebeauty for instance, makes use of Instagram to run their own blog, to guide customers to their website shop.

They choose to utilize Instagram (as as opposed to having a blog hosted on their site) because it lets them boost the number of sales they make by driving their customers to their site through Instagram stories as well as posts. Instagram stories.

Alongside the increase in revenue, Artestilebeauty likes being able to connect directly via direct messages and posts to their clients, giving them the chance to improve the relationship between their customers and brand!

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

Victoria Zermeno also utilizes her Instagram instead of blogging. For Victoria she enjoys the aspect that Instagram connects her with brands she can work with and lets her promote the products of her affiliates.

Not just do Victoria utilize Instagram to promote herself but she has also been in a position to connect with others who have similar interests!

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

Before we dive into discussing the best way to begin your own blog on Instagram We must look at some of the drawbacks.

Downsides of Blogging on Instagram

This article wouldn’t be comprehensive without discussing the pros and cons of having a blog using Instagram.

Your analytics will be limited only to the information that Instagram decides to offer you and isn’t as comprehensive like Google Analytics or other analytics platforms.

One advantage of having a separate blog or website is that you are able to use your analytics to dive into the things your audience likes and dislikes and then begin to test A/B different options to increase your audience.

While it’s not impossible to do with Instagram Insights however, it’s far less comprehensive.

Next, you don’t own your content on Instagram (technically).

If Instagram were to shut down tomorrow, everything you worked for would be gone. Your account could be hacked also, and you could lose everything.

The same thing could happen with your website, however, if it were to be hacked.

The only difference is that with your website you are able to back things up and restore it if you need to.

You aren’t able to back up your Instagram. If it were to get hacked and deleted, it’s gone for good.

Enabling two-factor verification is one way to prevent your account from being hacked, but I do recommend diversifying as much as possible.

Should You Start a Blog on Instagram?

Starting a blog on Instagram is a great idea if you are just wanting to test the waters out and see whether or not you want to create content for a living.

But do I recommend starting a blog on Instagram and ONLY on Instagram?

Personally, I think it’s much better to start a blog (on a website) as well have an Instagram account. You have much more control over your content and can grow an email list, sell your own products and grow your biz even more.

How to Monetize Your Instagram Blog

3+ Proven Ways on How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022

There are a variety of options to make money with the Instagram blog. The methods for monetizing your blog include becoming an affiliate of someone else’s items and/or services putting together sponsored posts, or selling yourself products and/or services.

If you want to add links in the caption section of your post will not be clickable, it is possible to include a link in your bio.

Some individuals opt to sign up for an account free of charge with a web-based service provider such as Square Online as well as host a list hyperlinks there. This is helpful in case you are talking about various websites in each blog post you post.

You can also use, which is another site that is popular to post your URLs. As a blogger who has an official website, I would prefer not to utilize as I would prefer to gain page views, rather than transferring it to a different service.

There have been instances when an upgrade to the Instagram platform caused accounts that use to be temporarily closed be cautious in you’re using this method.

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

An example of a landing page that an Instagram account links to specifically for Instagram rather than using, but it operates just the same. (Source: The SweetLife Company by April Beach)

Affiliate marketing programs let creators earn commissions by referring sales or leads to a retailer. The commissions typically range from up to 10% of the sale however, sometimes they pay when there’s a lead or click on a customized link instead. Leads and clicks usually are paid less than $1.

This is a good alternative for a lot of Instagram bloggers since they usually discuss their most loved products and services on a regular basis. It is possible to receive a fee for this.

Sometimes bloggers and marketers agree to a reward, such as coupons with 10% discounts that followers can make use of. It doesn’t typically affect the commission earned by affiliates but instead is a part from the budget for marketing of the company.

Instagram bloggers can sign-up for an account on rewardStyle, that makes use of the application to allow bloggers to promote products in their posts. The most appealing aspect of it is the fact that bloggers gets an income from sales.

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

An example of Instagram user @arrayoffaces using an affiliate code to promote a product.

b. Create Sponsored Posts

Instagram bloggers can write content for companies in exchange for a products, discounts or cash. The amount you can earn from the content you post will be based from the followers you have you have as well as the level of engagement you earn.

For instance, a blog with 15,000 followers who are engaged could make around $200 from an article and $300 for videos. Instagram stories be less expensive since they go away within 24 hours. Find out more about how to set your blog’s rates.

You can make money even though you don’t have a large number of followers since brands are more concerned about engagement over the flimsy metrics. The reason is that it’s simple to create artificially high numbers of fans and follows by buying these.

But, comments are harder to fake. When you’ve got an active audience you’ll have a higher chance of having them believe in you and accept your advice.

How to Start a Blog In Instagram

An example of a sponsored post by user @kkateli

c. Sell Your Own Products & Services

Making custom products and offerings lets you to decide not only the features but also the production process and the quality of your products. It is possible to create products like supplements such as physical books, e-books as well as kitchen appliances.

The services you could offer are consulting, design and coaching. Each of them can offer better margins of profit because you don’t have to make any physical items.

If you don’t have an online website but do have a few products you’d like to offer think about the use of Square Online. It allows you to swiftly build an online store using the products you feature in your Instagram posts.

This includes posts from the past that you’ve posted. It’s just three easy steps to start and you don’t need to pay until you’ve sold a product.

No matter the reasoning behind wanting to learn how to start an Instagram blog, you can get started very quickly. It takes just a few minutes to create your account, and then you’re ready to source images and create your first blog post.

The benefits of using Instagram as a blog include getting to create captivating content very quickly without spending money, building a following, and potentially even making money from it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to create a blog on Instagram, the process is easy. You can start out by taking photos that are related to your niche or passion. Then, post these pictures onto the app and share them with others around the world!

Please feel free to like our page for more tips and tricks relating to blogging on Instagram, as well as other platforms.

If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to create a blog on Instagram. This article will provide you with the information needed to get started on building your own blog. Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can help you in any way!

A strong social media presence will be a major component of your blog’s success. However, it can be difficult to know where to start with Instagram or what you should be posting in order to attract followers and make money with your blog.

If you want expert advice on how to start a blog on Instagram for make money, please click “Like” above and follow our page now!

Quick FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

This section includes the most frequently asked questions about how to start an Instagram blog.

How successful are Instagram bloggers?

There are Instagram bloggers who post regularly and have less than 100 followers and make nothing. You’ve also got bloggers who have millions of followers and also make millions of dollars. Your success will depend not only on how you measure success, but also your talent, resources, and commitment to blogging on Instagram.

How many followers do I need to be considered an influencer?

The number of followers you have on Instagram doesn’t determine if you’re an influencer. In fact, you can have five followers on Instagram. For example, if you make a post about a new tea mug to your five followers and they go buy that tea mug based on your recommendation, you have officially influenced that purchase.

How many followers do I need to get verified on Instagram?

The number of followers doesn’t matter when it comes to Instagram verification. Verification goes to accounts that are noteworthy, such as those who are often imitated. These include celebrities, athletes, and politicians. You can apply for verification and Instagram will conduct a review of your notable accomplishments using independent sources like news channels and magazines.

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