How To Start An Affiliate Program For SaaS [2022 Guide]

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How do you set up an affiliate program?

Have you ever considered setting up your own affiliate program? You can greatly increase your sales and reach by leveraging the power of affiliates to spread the word about your products and services.

First, you need to decide whether or not you want to manage the program yourself or outsource it to a third party.

Affiliate Program is a great way to monetize your blog. It’s also an effective strategy for increasing traffic, building your brand credibility, and generating leads.

Are you planning to set up your own affiliate program? This guide will walk you through the process of setting up an affiliate program from scratch, finding affiliates who are right for your product or service, and maximizing conversions with dynamic tracking links.

When you start your business, you will most likely not have the budget to pay for an entire marketing department. This is why many people decide to make their own affiliate programs and promote them themselves instead of hiring a professional company or agency to do it.

If you want to be successful with affiliate marketing, then there are some things that you need to know before starting, such as how much money would you like to earn, what kind of products would you like your affiliates to market, and how many affiliates do.

Customers are the most effective salespeople. It’s real.

It’s the same when you’re thrilled about a new place that you’ve discovered, and you’re eager to inform all your acquaintances about it. You try to sell it better than any salesperson do.

How can you make use of it to benefit you and your SaaS business?

Affiliate marketing refers to the process where an individual or brand is an affiliate. They have an audience.

They promote products or services they utilize or create content on. In essence, they promote the products or services of the businesses they have an affiliation with.

In exchange, the company will pay them a commission typically, on every sale, though some contracts may include specific conditions.

The affiliate’s link is to the company they’re promoting within their articles. When a person who is a viewer or reader or viewer clicks the link and becomes a client of the company this is when the sale is completed and the affiliate receives their commission.

Very clever marketing strategy. Most businesses do it by using two methods.

If they are in-house, they develop the affiliate programs themselves. The affiliates connect with a tracking program along with an affiliate-related payment platform, conduct affiliate outreach and recruitment as well as manage affiliates.

If they join one of the affiliate program the network will provide affiliates to them and manages the payment to affiliates.

It provides monitoring dashboards, contact management and setting up payments with tracking and all of it in one location.

Utilizing Affiliate networks are easy and easy, so let’s take a look at the steps to become an affiliate inside the company.

How Do You Set Up Your Own Affiliate Program?

We’ll take you through the steps involved in the creation of the affiliate programs of your choice in order to generate more sales with affiliate marketing. Ready?


Tip #1: Competitor Research

You can gain a lot from your competition. Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart was known to spend much of his time exploring competitor stores and watching how they operated and figuring out how to improve the store.

You can browse through all the affiliate shops of the companies you compete with. Find out what commission rates they’re charging However, don’t believe that affiliates only want large commissions.

If you’re not able to match the commission rates you’re competing with ensure that your website is turning customers into visitors effectively.

Affiliates will appreciate having sites that make more revenue than one that produces less sales, but at the same rate.

Also, consider the specifics of how they take on affiliates as affiliates, what their affiliate requirements and their program’s T&Cs are and which sales tracking software they’re using.

It will provide you with an idea of the way SaaS companies similar to yours create affiliate programs.

Tip #2: Choosing Your Affiliate Management Software

When you are setting up your own procedures in your affiliate marketing program, make use of an affiliate management system to track everything.

This is the place where you manage your program, including sales information, affiliate contacts payment information, the performance of your campaign, all in one dashboard.

It’s still your responsibility to getting contacts and paying for payments however, the software will allow you to keep all of it in one place.

Here are a few an example of Affiliate Management software:

Tip #3: Sales Tracking and Commissions Structure

This is the place to create the structure of your affiliate program.

In the first place, you must create a strong set of conditions and terms for your affiliates to adhere to. Your reputation for your brand is at risk when you have affiliates that you’ve never met who promote your business, and you must ensure that they’re doing it the correct manner.

Make sure you define the way you’d like your company’s branding to be marketed, and what affiliates may and cannot communicate. If you can provide a strong marketing message or message for your affiliates, then the better they’ll be able to market your service.

It is also important to establish guidelines for how affiliates collaborate with you, what they’ll earn and what they’ll get paid for.

It’s your responsibility to ensure your website can turn visitors to customers and leads. Affiliate programs isn’t going to help you when your website or sales funnels aren’t performing well conversion rates or have bugs which prevent users from using your site correctly.

The method to pay affiliates is tied to your sales tracking. For that, there are three primary kinds of payments metrics:

  1. Cost per Action (CPA) – CPA is the method of paying an affiliate commission per sale you earn by their efforts. What is the maximum amount you can make for a sale, in a certain amount? If your clients pay you $500 for your services and you are able to pay $200 to that person? This is the question you have to take into consideration when determining your CPA amount. The more you can set your commissions, the better the quality of affiliates you’ll be able to attract.
  2. Cost per Lead (CPL) – You decide what a lead means to you. Are they a person who is on a telephone meeting or meeting with your sales staff? Or is it someone who sign up to an offer that you have for leads? After you’ve determined this, you’ll be able to set an amount of commission for this type of metric, but be aware that you have to earn an income, and you must first determine the value of a lead worth prior to setting the commission.
  3. Cost per Click (CPM) – CPM is how you pay affiliates according to the number of people they bring to your site. We suggest against using this method because it’s harder to calculate the amount of profits you make from each impression of your site. If you’re confident of your conversion rates on your site However, this could be an option to consider.

The sales you make can be verified through your affiliate management program that you connect to.

They’ll create the links for you, and keep track of sales in their dashboard. From then you will be able to connect to PayPal as well as different payment processing companies to reimburse your affiliates.

Some allow you to pay a regular fee for the life of customers. This is a great option for affiliates and distinguishes SaaS affiliate plans apart from the other kinds of programs.

Tip #4: Recruiting Affiliates

The thing that a lot of business owners discover when they review their data on affiliates is the small percentage of their affiliates that are responsible for more than half of their revenue. The most successful affiliates are ones you’d like to focus on.

You can establish the minimum requirements for affiliates including traffic volumes for their website, their conversion rate and the rate of production of content as well as other criteria.

This will ensure that you get affiliates that have a higher likelihood of producing positive results. It’s not wise to set the standards too high. Remember that the most successful affiliates use the most effective affiliate programs.

So unless you also have the ability to provide an extremely high commission rate as well as high conversion rates for your site, it is best to keep your standards low.

If you’re in the beginning stage of your company, then it’s beneficial to consider accepting virtually any affiliate who is in compliance with your terms and conditions as you are getting your company off the ground.

You can describe these conditions on a landing page to recruit. On this page, you must define who your business is, the services you provide as well as your commission structure and the advantages from your plan.

Also, you should think about having an affiliate administrator which affiliates can connect with. You should take care of your affiliates since they could generate a great deal of business.

This improves the experience for the affiliates and is a desired quality that the top affiliates need at an absolute requirement. The affiliate manager can be part of your employees or you can outsource this job to the virtual assistant (VA).

The first step for outreach is your customers. Incorporating a referral program that is different in comparison to your affiliate programs could be beneficial for you.

The reason it differs is in the way that customers interact with the referral link.

They might not have a website with content that allows them to join the program, and they’ll be giving the link directly with their associates and friends.

You’ll still be able monitor sales using your affiliate management software, but ensure you categorize this group of people into a distinct category so that tracking is easier.

The most effective affiliates are difficult to locate and require a different sales pitch to convince them to sign up to your program.

It is ideal to begin small and look for larger affiliates when your program is somewhat more developed and is generating revenue.

Another avenue to consider when it comes to outreach, is to collaborate with other services with the same audience as yours.

If you are able to find the means to reach an arrangement that is beneficial to each party, being the email lists of their service and other channels for promotion can be an excellent method of promoting the affiliate programs you have.

Find partners on YouTube is an excellent option to have some video content created for you So, search for affiliates who are creating content on services that are similar to yours.

Other search options include affiliate groups on the internet and social media groups as well as LinkedIn accounts. Informing these groups of people about your business is an easy way to attract affiliates.

Be sure to not infringe on the terms of these groups since some of them have restrictions on promotions.

Tip #5: Managing Affiliates

After you’ve enlisted your affiliates, you shouldn’t end there. They may have other products or services that they’re trying to promote, so it’s important to remind them frequently to promote your SaaS. This can be accomplished with an easy automated email campaign.

It is also recommended to establish periodic newsletters, either bi-weekly or weekly, in order to ensure that your associates are informed.

It can include information on the latest features you’ve included to your program, business announcements and events coming up and other useful content that they can access to find out more about your services and your company, as with any concepts you have to let them know about your services.

At the back end to your application, you must be keeping track of your data and overall performance of your program.

Find out which affiliates bring the highest amount of revenue. they could be asking for more commissions. It is possible to offer rewards for performance for affiliates to help promote your brand.

Be aware of the metrics you are tracking, CPA, CPL, CPM or any other metrics you prefer to gauge whether your campaign is successful or worth the effort to manage. This should be completed monthly so that you have enough time to allow results to be generated by your affiliates.

This is how you can set up the affiliate programs!

Although expanding your business is crucial to boost its profits but is it the most effective method of earning?

Is Scaling Your Business the Best Way to Go?

As you’ll probably see out from this outline on the affiliate marketing program’s creation process, growing your company requires some effort.

It will require capital investment, regular improvements and iterations to your software’s features, as well as all day long hours that are devoted to research and sales in order to move your business to the next stage.

If you conduct an advertising campaign, such as that of the program for affiliate marketing that we’ve described here, you run the possibility of possibility of risk.

SaaS companies are different to other businesses on the internet. Due to its nature SaaS and the way it is integrated with businesses, if are able to establish a strong product-market match and your company is in a good position, then its expansion can be explosive.

This isn’t just about having increasing customers or more money. You must scale your business and software to accommodate this need. If you’re not scaling efficiently, it could end up destroying your business. using an affiliate marketing plan may be a good way to get your business into the “hyper-growth” phase.

What’s the Alternative?

Sell your company to someone with the resources and capital to grow the size of your SaaS business.

This gives the owner to make a profit your business to invest into new ventures in your business or just take advantage of the large cash payout.

SaaS companies are worth much more than other businesses because they earn recurring income, which is appealing for investors.

How Can You Promote Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is among the most efficient methods for business owners who operate online to earn passive income. As many affiliates as you include to your business and the more efficient they are and the greater profits everyone earns!

How do you market an affiliate programme? Where can you advertise your business online and to recruit people?

How to be successful in Affiliate Program/Link Promotion

There are a variety of ways you can advertise affiliate link or program however there are some particular things to remember to ensure that your efforts are effective.

Don’t Overdo Your Promotion

There’s nothing wrong with having a advertisement or a plug often on your social media and websites however, the most important thing you don’t would like to do is be too aggressive and salesy.

This type of behavior is sure to cause your customers to become disenchanted and make them believe that you’re in it only to make a sale. You must provide the best value to your customers not appear as if you’re just looking for the sake of your own gains.

Spread Out Your Links

If you’re advertising affiliate programs or linking to them to spread your message across various platforms and in various formats. You shouldn’t only use your links within blog posts. Add them to videos, comments, banners on websites and many more.

This is the same for affiliate programs in general. Don’t limit the information you provide to your website Incorporate it into your email and on social media as well as in video descriptions.

Use Your Analytics

To know if your affiliate links or promotional strategies are yielding results, you have be aware of your analytics. This will allow you to determine where your visitors are engaging with your links and how they interact with your site and the number of conversions you’re generating.

This information will help you decide how to enhance your program. Affiliate plugin has a comprehensive reports feature that gathers all the information you require all in one place.


The 5 Ways to Promote Your Program and Links

With a basic understanding of how you can be successful in your marketing and marketing, you are now able to proceed to putting the promotions in front of people. Below are five efficient methods you can employ to start the process.

#1. Email Campaigns

A very significant methods of promoting your web-based firm involves the use of email marketing. Marketing via email is a great way to drive customers to your website Share your content with customers, connect with your target audience and draw new affiliates.

When potential customers and readers opt-in to your newsletter you’re attempting to provide material to help them with any concerns they might have. This is the ideal occasion to provide affiliate links or notify the subscribers that you’re the affiliate programs.

The most important thing to do here is to make sure you don’t post your affiliate links in the email. Make sure you assist your clients in finding the solution to their issue. You can then add in some affiliate links of companies that you are confident will assist your customers.

If you are part of or have an affiliate programme, make an announcement email specifically to notify your email subscribers. You can also include the details at the end of your email to serve to serve as a gentle reminder.

#2. Video Content

Videos is the latest trend in the field of digital marketing at present, so it’s only natural that your online business adopt this strategy. Videos should be designed on topics that relate to your company.

Videos can be made by analyzing blog posts or social media posts or a question from a customer or any other information you can find.

To highlight those affiliate hyperlinks or your affiliate programs within your video content, include the information you want to promote in your captions or descriptions of your video.

It is also possible to include your affiliate links in your video, whether making hyperlinks inside your video, or adding the link’s text in the footer of the video.

#3. Product Review Websites

There are many places on the internet where users can connect and talk about their experiences with different products or services and businesses. Did you consider that this is an the perfect place to advertise your affiliate program and link?

When writing your honest, impartial review, make sure to include details on how to utilize the product, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using it, as well as your personal experience using the product, in addition to your affiliate link , or details about how you can join the affiliate programs you have joined.

#4. Guest Posts

Guest blogging is a fantastic opportunity to create links to your site, increase brand recognition, and build relationships with other businesses. Did you have the idea that guest blogging is also a great method of sharing your affiliate program to more people?

When you are planning to include details regarding your affiliate program in your blog post, make sure to talk about it with the company you’re guest blogging for.

The main ingredient in any successful relationship is communication. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the information you include is clearly defined and understood between the two parties. Be certain to determine if it’s okay to incorporate affiliate links within your blog post.

#5. Roundup Posts or Resource Pages

A lot of online businesses have roundup articles each time for visitors to explore various tools that they can use to help in their business.

There are companies that also have resources pages on their websites which are dedicated to tools and resources that their customers can benefit from. This is prime space for affiliate hyperlinks!

Write a list of the items and services your business employs, and recommends to other people. Make sure you include an explanation of the product and services, as well as the prices averaged for the items, and why you enjoy about them.

You must also link these services to your affiliate links, as well as any free trials or discounts users who have your link can receive.

The blog post or page is meant to be a permanent source of information and be updated regularly to provide readers with up-to-date and up-to-date information.

Affiliate marketing can take an enormous undertaking There are many kinds of venues and opportunities to advertise your affiliate program and hyperlinks, and many of these are open to you today.

We hope these tips can help you increase the visibility of your affiliate program so you can start earning passive income.

Final thoughts

You can set up your own affiliate program by using a platform like Commission Junction. This company will provide you with the resources you need to attract and manage affiliates on your website. Ready to start promoting your products online? Check out our page on how to get started with affiliate marketing today!

If you’re looking to start your own affiliate program, there are plenty of things you need to do in order to get it set up right. To help make this process easier, we’ve created a great infographic that shows how to begin building an effective affiliate program. We hope you found this helpful!

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight on how to set up your own affiliate program. We can’t wait to see what innovative strategies and ideas you come up with! If you like the content we provide here at Affiliate Future, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram now!


While there are a number of things that go into setting up your affiliate program, the above steps should give you a good idea of how to get started. If you have any questions or would like more information on this topic, please let us know in the comments section below.

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