The freelance blogging market is expanding at an enormous rate. More and more people are recognizing the potential for this kind of work to become their sole or primary source of income, freeing them up to write about whatever they want.

When you’re starting out, you might feel like you need to choose between blogging and freelancing. The reality is that there’s no reason why the two can’t work together. In fact, many bloggers who want to make money from their blogs find freelance writing to be an incredibly lucrative side business.

As a full-time freelance writer, I make a comfortable living. I travel the world and work from wherever I want. But freelancing isn’t easy – you need to know how to market yourself. You need to know how to find clients and close deals.

You also have to be able to write well enough that people will pay for your services! In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how I make $5,000 per month as a freelance writer – without getting caught

Many aspiring bloggers are struggling to make ends meet with their blogs. They are frustrated with the lack of revenue coming in, and they don’t know what to do about it.

# I’m going to show you how to make $5,000 a month blogging part-time with freelance writing projects. Before I get started, one quick note. This is NOT a guide on starting your own blog and earning money from Google AdSense or other ads (it’s not that kind of blog).

Here are the methods I’m suggesting right now to help you learn how to earn money from writing or becoming a paid freelance blogger:

How to Make Money Through Blogging 10 Tips to Improve Your Freelance Game

Are you looking for a way to make money online, but don’t want to spend time on blogs? Do you have some free time that you can dedicate towards writing blog posts for other people? If so, there are many companies who are willing to pay individuals to write blog posts.

Many people have blogs as a hobby, and they never expect to earn big money from it. In fact, earning money from blogging is not that difficult, as long as you have the right plan for it.

If you are interested in making money blogging, start by following these simple tips to help you earn an income from freelance writing. By using your blog as a platform for promoting your services, you can make extra money with ease. Are there any other ways that you have found success with making money through freelance blogging?

The ability to make $5,000 a month as a freelance writer is within the grasp of anyone who wants it. Here are some tips for getting started and reaching that goal.


Tip #1. Document Your Blog Writing Wins

More lucrative blogging clients are searching for bloggers with a demonstrated experience of generating number of social shares, comments and clicking on opt-in pages.

If you’ve got blog posts on the internet that fit this description, create with a link archive. This is what you’ll use to give prospective clients to convince them that you’re worth the top rate. For example, if I’m looking for a blogging job, I’ll send them the statistics about the amount of traffic I brought in through my Forbes blog, which has the tiniest amount of posts:

Are you still not able to score big wins? Begin thinking about places you can guest for no cost, and then get some. In the last few years, bloggers are constantly contacting (and poaching) the writers they’d like and from where they’ve seen them generating tons of shares or huge traffic.

A single post that has received 1,000 plus shares, or even 100 or more comments is a great beginning point to impress prospective clients.

Tip #2. Find Better Clients

There are blogging clients and there are excellent blog clients. The first type of client will require you to write “a blog article at a cost of $50. The second one wants you to write between 4 and 8 posts per month or more at $150-$300 , plus.

In the meantime, more and more businesses are taking their game to the next level and are paying more in the process, as blog posts are becoming more similar to articles.

If you’re not getting a decent amount of blogging work, then you’re searching for clients in the wrong places – Craigslist, UpWork, and content mills.

Making use of the mass-produced online opportunities and an effort to be the lowest on cost isn’t the best way to earn a high salary. Instead, look for your clients that you have. Lists of highly successful private and public firms are everywhere Check out the annual lists published by Inc., your local business publication’s The Book of Lists or trade publications within your chosen industry.

The ideal customer has an unfinished blogit’s online and not updated , and is large enough to have a genuine marketing budget. Perhaps they have a busy blog that has multiple subjects, authors, and channels, and could require additional help. Imagine companies with between 10 Million to $110 million annual sales.

Tip #3. Write Posts for Sponsored Posts

Do not try to persuade small companies into offering you professional rates to write posts on their small blog. Instead, you should tap into the huge market of posting advertorial-style posts on popular websites for large companies.

For starters, search for the top platforms that allow sponsored content (which are also referred to native advertisements). Next, contact the departments or agencies that oversee the development of sponsored content for the platform.

For example, Forbes BrandVoice oversees the creation of content for a variety of large companies that have sponsored articles on Writers have told me that they’re making several thousand dollars each year, while writing for the top brands on

Prices for sponsored posts should vary from $200-$600 or more. The higher rates for sponsored posts are since they are essentially advertisements but the post must remain focused on providing valuable information. Companies are aware of the link between advertising and revenue which is why they make sure to pay them appropriately.

Tip #4. Work a Niche

I’ve never revealed this secrets before…but for a time I had a few small-business finance blog clients. Then, I wrote the same topics for all of them every month!

I’d take the subjects I’d blogged about on Entrepreneur then write about those topics for my small-business clients.

Completely different headline, article and even the quotes. A complete overhaul, usually with a different perspective on the topic, and designed to appeal to the readers. In essence, however, the same idea for a post.

If you can gather bloggers within a specific area that isn’t directly competing with one another it is possible to retool the same concepts and save yourself lots of time. Your customers won’t be more knowledgeable, and you are able to reuse expert advice, links and other tips.

My rate for writing the third and second variations of these subjects was around $150 per hour. adhering to my area of expertise made making money by blogging extremely easy.

Tip #5. Think of Longform

The days of 300-word articles are long gone. Google is now a fan of 1000-2000 words for posts There’s plenty of demand for freelancers to write these more sophisticated, valuable posts. It’s obvious that the CEO does not have the time for this level of content creation and most likely won’t be able to write effectively enough to do it, in any case!

Find clients with a good reputation in this area by looking at popular websites on subjects that you’re interested in. Find blog rankings charts of sites that are relevant to your field — or use your preferred analytics tool like SEMRush to locate the major players.

Read, subscribe and check out who’s featuring lengthy posts. You could earn between $300 and $600 or more for these topics -or even more, in the case of topics that are particularly complicated or obscure.

Tip #6. Contact Digital Agency

Many digital agencies have appeared in recent years, which specialize in improved online content developmentA recent guest post on this blog profiled four new agencies. They act as intermediaries between authors with experience in engaging with blog posts, and businesses who need assistance.

These agencies go above the content mills, and they don’t require you to compete with hundreds of other bidders The prices are fixed and they select those they select to perform every gig. I’ve received $300-$400 for each post from these situations and am hearing of 500-$500 gigs as well.

They don’t accept all applicants. Even if you do not have a resume to join these agencies, start working on building your record to impress them in the near future.

Tip #7. Remain in a Retainer

Good blog readers want a continuous engagement from your. They realize that building an audience with a blog requires time. I prefer an initial 90-day contract that includes 12 posts and I’m either not interested. It’s renewed on a continuous basis.

Another benefit to signing a retention agreement is that it will come with a 30-day notice period should they wish to end their relationship with you. This can help prevent abrupt drops in income and ensures that your income is steady.

Retainers are the most important thing to do. They will help you relax and begin each month with a large portion of your earnings already scheduled.

Tip #8. Build the Relationship

Nowadays, many production companies manage several platforms. When you’re on a site, begin exploring.

Does this agency also run blogs for other clients for other customers? Do they have additional blog customers? Ask for referrals, and determine if you are able to turn that blog writing project into other.

Tip #9. Don’t Forget to Increase The Price

When you’ve written blog posts for clients, it’s time to review their marketing strategy and consider what else you can contribute. For example, creating the free white paper, report as well as a case study to their customers is an easy way to go after they’ve come to recognize and appreciate your work.

Offering additional projects to complement their marketing strategy for content and extend it further than “just blogging” can easily add $1000 plus to the monthly earnings.

Tip #10. Anatomy of a blog that costs $5,000 writing month

If you’re earning $300 for a post, and you’re posting 4 times each month, that’s $1200 per month for one client. It’s easy to increase that up to $5K per month with this kind of ratebut at the moment, $300 per post is at the lower part of what more experienced bloggers are earning. It’s just 4 clients, perhaps less if you’re active in selling.

With rates starting at $300 and upwards It also means that you’d only have to write between 15 and 17 posts per month to earn the amount that I had to write 60 posts to earn a decade earlier.



Now that you know the steps to take to make $5,000 a month as a freelance blogger, it’s time to get started. Start writing and posting on your blog. Make sure to use the same topics we discussed. Get out there and build relationships with influencers and bloggers in your niche. When you’re ready, begin pitching posts for free and start getting paid for your work!

If you want to make a living as a freelance writer, it’s important to have some clients. Learning how to write for multiple niches is the best way to build up your client list. In this article, we look at why it’s important to diversify and how you can get started right away!

There are lots of ways to make money blogging, but freelance writing is the most common way people earn an income. If you want to learn how to make $5,000 a month with freelance blog writing, check out our free training at


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