Types of Blogs are the media of our times. They are considered to be one of the most desired marketing strategies by businesses around the world (even more than social media). It’s not hard to see why, blogs provide an effective way to build your brand and market your business in a direct, honest way.

Blogging can be a wonderful source of income when you know what kind of blog to start. In this article, we’ll share with you the most popular types of blogs that make money and several examples from successful bloggers.

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Choose a Topic Your Passionate About

With the millions of blogs available on the internet there is a blog covering any topic you can imagine. For your blog to stand out, pick the type of blog you’re interested in and is easy to monetize.

The idea of starting a blog is an excellent way to advertise your services, yourself or even your company.

Did you consider that 60 percent of consumers are looking for an item after reading about it in blogs?

If you’re a professional marketing professional or just someone who wants to start a blog for fun, starting a blog is an excellent option to market your product, yourself or even your company and also earn money while enjoying your passion.

What type of blog should you create? With more than 600 million websites online, there’s a blog that covers just about every topic.

22 Most Popular Types of Blogs that Make Money (+Examples) 3

When you’re starting a blog the first thing to do is choose the right topic to allow you to stick out (and that you could profit from quickly). To help you decide the right topic, we’ve put together an extensive list of the 22 most popular kinds of blogs available on the internet today.

For each blog type, we’ll go over:

  • Common subjects
  • What are the factors that make it successful?
  • Examples of blogs that have been successful
  • How can you make money from it

In addition, you’ll discover the elements that make up a successful blog, most effective ways to make money from your blog, as well as an easy-to-follow guide to choosing the most suitable blog to achieve your goals.

#1. Personal Blog

What it is: A space to sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

How to succeed: Be authentic, share your personal stories and feelings.

People use blogs for personal reasons to share their opinions about their knowledge, experiences, and opinions. The creation of a personal blog could be a great method to increase awareness of your own cause, or even your company. Since personal blogs can address any subject, you’ll see certain crossovers with other kinds of blogs listed in this list, including personal finance or travel.

Personal blogs differ from other kinds of blogs due to their emphasis on you (the creator) and writing about your personal story and personal experiences unlike other blogs that are created to help solve problems or offer tips.

How to Create a Personal Blog That Makes Money

To be successful, you need to present sincerity. The best way to be successful is to tell a real story that readers can connect with.

It’s equally important to develop a unique brand. Once you’ve gained traction with your followers, you’ll be able to earn money through selling goods or services.

Example of a Successful Personal Blog

David Lebovitz makes use of the blog as a platform to communicate recipes and personal stories with a readership who are interested in food recipes, travel, and food. What makes his blog different from other food-related blogs in his sector? David does not just share recipes. David personalizes his posts by sharing stories of fun within every article.

How do David make money through the blog? Although the majority of his blog entries generate some amount of revenue via affiliate hyperlinks, the primary revenue-generating method is promotion of his books.

#2. Food Blogs

Food blogs are a great chance to earn money sharing your love of food. The most important sub-categories within the food blogs category are:

  • Recipes – It is where you can share recipes and ingredients for particular dishes. The blogs are often reminiscent of cookbooks of recipes.
  • Restaurant and food reviews – The place to test different restaurants and dishes and write detailed reviews and suggestions.
  • Travel and food – You’ll travel, and sample local cuisine, and then offer your top recommendations to anyone who visits these locations.
  • Photography of food – With a lot of pictures it’s a good option for those who are adept in taking amazing photos and do not depend too much on text.

In each category they are each specialized niches that you could consider focusing on:

  • Meals: Will you focus on breakfast or snacks, brunch lunch, tea dinner, supper or dinner?
  • Diet type: Do you have some great recipes for vegans? Perhaps you adhere to an eating plan that is paleo and can recommend the best eateries. If you suffer from food allergies, you can provide the top cooking tips, such as alternatives to food.
  • Location: If you decide to begin a food and travel blog, bear in mind the amount of competition. Also, you’re probably not going to visit every restaurant in the globe (or perhaps you will). It is possible to start with a specific area and then add other niches. For instance, you could look up the best keto-friendly restaurants within Southern California.

How to Create a Food Blog That Makes Money

Alongside what you must do to start a website with success, the key to success with a food blog is to have amazing photos.

You could also think about creating YouTube channels since a lot of viewers prefer watching videos on cooking (for instance that the average viewing time for recipes was increased 2.5x in just 2 years). If you’ve gathered the following, creating a food blog could be a good beginning point to start selling cookbook as well as appliances kits and many other items!

Example of a Successful Food Blog

Are you wondering if it is possible to earn money from sharing recipes? An Sassy Spoon is among the numerous food blogs that are successful that share great recipes, as well as listing them according to ingredients, courses and the kind. The blog’s founder Jamie Silva made more than $100,000 in the year 2019 via her blog.

How? Alongside advertisements, sponsored content business coaching, affiliate marketing. Her blog features a “shop” section in which readers can purchase essential kitchen items via Amazon’s Amazon Influencer Program (she earns commissions on each purchase).

#3. Travel Blogs

What it is: An opportunity to you to share your travel stories as well as advice and experiences.

How to succeed: Make yourself a trusted resource for your travel-related niche.

If you’re looking to earn money sharing travel stories and tips then you’re in the right spot. While it’s a popular market, the reality is that the majority of travel websites that are available aren’t the best. They aren’t worth the money and are primarily focused on making money off advertisements.

In the case of traveling blogs, they have a variety of kinds of content you can publish. Here are a few examples of these:

  • X hours in (Location)
  • X days in (Location)
  • 1 weekend in (Location)
  • (Activity) near (Location) — e.g. best hiking trails in Arkansas
  • Best day trips from (Location A) to (Location B)
  • Best road trips from (Location)
  • The ultimate guide to (Location)
  • Where to stay in (Location)

Many readers of websites for travel and tourism are attracted to engaging in fun stories and finding the best travel ideas rather than reading purely informational guides. Consider writing posts such as:

  • My first visit to (Location)
  • My complete itinerary (Location)
  • What I did to get between (Location A) to (Location B)
  • My top travel memories in (Location)
  • Why I Love (Location)
  • Why I dislike (Location)
  • What I packed for (Location)

How to Create a Travel Blog That Makes Money

In order to succeed on this blog be sure to provide useful travel tips to be the go-to resource for travellers. You could choose to focus on a particular type of travel like traveling on your own as well as budget or luxury travel. Videos and great photos are an excellent alternative that allows you to tell your journey tales.

At the beginning you could begin earning money with affiliate hyperlinks. You can direct your visitors to hotel reservations as well as the travel insurance websites you have used or would suggest. Share your most loved products for travel and earn a percentage for each purchase. As your following grows and you have a chance to be able to collaborate with brands that sell travel products or create your own items for sale!

Example of a Successful Travel Blog

Dan Flying Solo is a fantastic travel blog with an easy design and is organized by destination. Visitors can search quickly for the places they’d like to go to or get interesting travel destinations. In addition Dan’s stunning videos and photos will make the information more enjoyable.

#4. Fashion Blogs

Fashion is a broad blog category, which includes a variety of sub-categories. It is a good idea to begin by writing about your personal style. You can pick a particular fashion, such as bohemian or be more niche like bohemian-inspired clothes you can find in flea markets.

You should consider connecting your blog about fashion to Instagram as the community and the visual elements play a significant role and influencers influence the sales of fashion products.

The popularity of the trend is so high that Instagram launched a range of shopping options to make it simpler to buy items through the app. This trend is likely to increase.

Do you want to use Instagram instead of creating a whole blog on fashion?

The short answer is no. Instagram is a fantastic method to establish an online profile and a following but remember that you don’t control the channel, which means it could become more complicated to make money from it.

How to Create a Successful Fashion Blog That Makes Money

One of the easiest ways to start making money through fashion blogs is to incorporate advertisements that are relevant to the subject you select. Once you have a larger audience and following this, you’ll be in a position to join forces to brands and provide advertising.

Other options to earn money is being a fashion consultant as well as the sale of your personal brand through an online store.

Example of Successful Fashion Blog

An excellent illustration of a successful style blog would be the Blonde Salad. The blog covers many subjects (like the beauty industry and lifestyle). It is the Blonde Salad is one of the most well-known fashion blogs on the internet.

The founder, Chiara Ferragni, turned the blog into a $30 million enterprise, largely through brand partnerships and advertising. A large part of her revenue is derived through the Chiara Ferragni Collection the brand she came up with after creating an active audience.

#5. Fitness Blogs

What it is: An opportunity to you to share your top workout as well as diet programs.

How to succeed: Provides tips for your niche’s audience.

Fitness blogs provide content such as fitness or diet plans that help you meet certain goals for the body along with supplements to help users to get the most benefit from their diet or exercise.

There are also blogs that share research on nutrition or exercise (like the researcher James Krieger does on the Weightology blog). If you’re looking to concentrate on tips for working out, adding videos on your blog is an excellent method to make your blog stand out.

How to Create a Fitness Blog That Makes Money

For a successful Fitness blog to be successful, you have to focus on a particular niche. Instead of a site that is focused on workout programs You could begin at “home workout plans using dumbbells.”

It is also important to choose an appropriate intended audience. Are you writing for bodybuilders, footballers, or just people who are looking to get healthy? Maybe you could offer diet guidelines for vegans, too.

To earn cash, you can begin with posting Affiliate links for gym equipment, supplements and much more. You can also try working on fitness products with other brands.

Another way to make money from your fitness blog is through selling products such as online personal training and nutrition coaching or selling ebooks or books. Think about making your own fitness program or app as well as making your own fitness equipment.

Example of a Successful Fitness Blog

Nerd Fitness is a great example of a fitness website with targeted readers: “nerds” that enjoy talking about gaming, but are interested in learning more about fitness.

Nerd Fitness has become a seven-figure business with the bulk of the earnings coming from online classes that are sold for an affordable $99 per course.

The owner Steve Kamb also runs Camp Nerd Fitness, which is where hundreds of people meet for a fitness weekend with prices ranging from $849 to $1,049. Additionally, Kamb has also used his name to write the book that was a huge success.

#6. Healthy Living and Wellness Blogs

As a health and health blogger, you’re attempting to connect the gap between scientists and the people you serve. There are many kinds of content you could share however, you should think about the following:

  • Make sure you share with others your routine The routine could include your sleep, exercise or meal prep routine.
  • Check out items (or services) that can help you improve your wellbeing Also, this is an excellent opportunity to offer affiliate links.
  • Discuss current wellness issues for example in the aftermath of the COVID-19 virus many wellness blogs began posting content that is more focused on emotional health (you may also check an agenda of coming holidays and other events related to nutrition and health).

Think about addressing a particular wellness issue or problem such as emotional, environmental, financial or occupational physical, social or spiritual health (take an overview of the wellness wheel to get a comprehensive review).

How to Create a Wellness Blog That Makes Money

While you don’t have to be a medical professional or have a well-respected medical school to write about living a healthy lifestyle, however, you must realize that your readers are likely to make decisions about the health of their family based upon what you post.

If you’re thinking of starting your own healthy lifestyle blog it is essential to take care to be responsible socially.

In order to incorporate social responsibility into the design of your health blog You must conduct thorough study by using trustworthy information sources (.gov, .edu, and .org websites are generally the most reliable for information on health) as well, when you can, interviewing medical experts. If you are interested in certain topics, think about getting your blog articles reviewed by health experts.

Example of Successful Wellness Blog

The Calm Blog is a business-oriented blog focused on healthy living. Particularly, the blog offers content about mindfulness, yoga, meditation and rest — all of which are related to the company’s primary product.

Alongside advertising Calm App, in addition to promoting Calm App, this blog earns money from selling products such as a soothing oil blend known as “Sleep Mist,” and the book Calm Your Mind. Bring change to the globe.

22 Most Popular Types of Blogs that Make Money (+Examples) 3

#7. DIY Blogs

What it is: An opportunity to share ideas, ideas, and ideas on how to create items at home.

How to succeed: Be unique, share your DIY experiences regardless of whether it was you’re successful or not.

Do-it yourself blogs offer the chance to turn your passions into profitable businesses and also to help people save money and become more durable.

Examples of the content include instructions on remodeling your home as well as gardening. There are also equipment reviews and strategies and tips to remember when you are creating or fixing something.

It’s not necessary for a degree to read this. The aim is to give readers ideas and inspiration to design their own items. Be confident in yourself. The aim of launching the DIY blog is to be able to share your experiences regardless of whether they’re successful or not.

How To Create a DIY Blog That Makes Money

If you want to succeed in a DIY blog You must be creative. It’s fine to draw inspiration from others’ blogs. However, you must make every concept unique by adding your own personal touches to it.

One of the best tips is to make use of excellent visual assets that you could post via social media platforms such as Instagram as well as Pinterest. They can be extremely engaging and, should you make the best quality images, they may go viral which will increase your blog’s traffic as well as the brand’s visibility.

To help you make money from your blog, we recommend beginning by establishing ads networks and affiliate networks and also selling advertisements.Try reaching out to small-sized businesses within the same industry as you.

It is possible to search for partnership opportunities on eCommerce websites like Etsy. It is also possible to sell certain of the items you develop and discuss on your blog. You could also make and sell books, or electronic courses.

Example of Successful DIY Blog

Remodelaholic is an example of a popular DIY website that attracts a wide variety of followers on social media and readers from interior design lovers to craftspeople.

Cassity is the blogger who runs this site, helping her readers renovate their homes with a tight budget through DIY projects that reuse and recycle common items.

The blog earns money by way of sponsored content, affiliate links, Amazon associate program, Amazon affiliate program as well as advertising.

Her website also includes a store section which allows users to purchase simple woodworking plans as well as stunning printable decor templates.

Yes, you read that right. She doesn’t even sell tangible products…just the digital versions! Are you feeling inspired?

#8. Lifestyle Blog

Sometimes, similar to personal blogs Lifestyle blogs are where you can share your passions and hobbies. But, a lifestyle site isn’t all about you. It’s about your passions.

Lifestyle blogs that are successful are inspiring. They’re packed with high-quality images. In a sense they’re a modern digital version of the old print magazines.

Since lifestyle blogs are often about various topics, the kinds of content you could share are limitless. Begin by identifying your passions and skills and then share helpful information with your followers.

To make yourself stand out, add an element of to stand out, include a part of your personal lives including your family’s activities, excursions and even recipes. Make sure that the content you post is entertaining to read and helpful in the same way.

How to Create a Lifestyle Blog That Makes Money

When it comes to earning money from an online lifestyle blog, a common method is to add an online Shop section on the blog to market your products that will differ based on the subject you pick.

If you are focused on a specific area and you’re focused on it, you’ll discover a variety of fantastic partnerships as well.

Example of a Successful Lifestyle Blog

The well-known Barefoot Blonde Blog, now changed to the name of the owner, Amber Fillerup Clark is an instance of a blog that earns money through the sale of products related to the lifestyle. The focus is on hair care, this blog covers a variety of subjects such as motherhood, beauty fashion, travel, and fashion.

After the success of her blog Amber created two companies, a haircare line and a hair extension brand. The blog features three “shop” sections (hair care extensions, looks, and haircare) which allow users to browse with the brands that she has as well as browse her accessories and clothing and purchase them via affiliate hyperlinks.

#9. Photography Blogs

What it is: An online platform to sharing your photos, tips for photographers and photography tips.

How to succeed: Quality over quantity: Select the best content for your clients.

Photography blogs provide guidelines and tips for photographers, collections of images as well as others. For photographers the need for an online “photoblog” is a must. It’s a fantastic option to promote yourself, display your work, and build faithful customers and followers.

A photoblog set up can assist you in developing your abilities by making you more accountable for your actions. It’s also a fantastic method to get feedback and keep track of your performance.

How to Create a Photography Blog That Makes Money

To be successful, you must focus on quality rather than quantity. Blogs are places to showcase your best work but not everything you do. Are there certain types of clients you wish to connect with? If so, ensure that you write with the target group in your mind.

Pro Tips: Make sure you are creative with your content. You can post your pictures as well as share tips for photography to engage and expand your reach.

Example of a Successful Photography Blog

Chase Jarvis is a renowned photographer and director who makes use of his website to showcase his greatest projects and increase his following.

His blog is interesting because it is not just for photographers, but also everyone who is interested in creativity. Chase also makes use of the blog to advertise his Podcast and his YouTube Channel, as well as his publication Creative Calling, and CreativeLive, a site that provides live classes for professionals, students as well as artists.

#10. Beauty Blogs

The most well-known types of blogs that are available online Beauty blogs typically share information on hairstyles, makeup and fashion. Examples of the content include reviews, hauls of products, tutorials, as well as guides.

Remember that if you’re planning to capture photographs of your hair and makeup or create tutorial videos, a bit of experience with videography or photography could be beneficial.

How to Create a Beauty Blog That Makes Money

Since this is a very popular blog niche It is essential to create a distinctive brand and select a niche and kind of material.

First, choose the specific target market for example, such as beginners in beauty or mothers. Choose a category of beauty, such as affordable beauty or luxury/high-end. Then, you should focus on specific categories such as makeup, skincare, hair or nails. You can also choose an additional category, like eyebrow makeup or makeup for the eyes.

One of the most effective methods to earn money from your beauty blog is to publish content sponsored by a brand that talks about a particular brand or the products it offers. This can be more beneficial than advertising because it feels more natural and organic.

Example of a Successful Beauty Blog

covering fashion, beauty, family, house, and other subjects, A Model Recommends is a well-known beauty blog that focuses on scent, body care, hair care, makeup and skincare. The primary way that this blog earns its money is by reviewing products for advertisements or offering associate links.

#11. Business Blogs

What it is: This is a place where you can answer any questions about your business’s sector to attract potential customers.

How to succeed: Discuss the topics that are relevant for your customers and connect to your services.

Business blogs are a part of a business’s domain that covers topics relevant to its business. Blogs for business are essential components of strategies for digital marketing, because they can help businesses connect with customers and establish credibility to be able to rank in search engines.

If you’re running an online business or store, you might want to consider the creation of a business blog to post updates on your products along with industry news and so on. A business blog should be a component of your brand’s marketing strategy. In contrast to other blogs this isn’t the only way to earn money..

It is instead an effective way to draw in potential customers, similar to direct mail, social media and emails for marketing. The primary advantages of a blog for business include attracting new leads, creating trust with potential customers, and enhancing the reputation of your brand and establishing it as a source for new customers.

How to Create a Business Blog That Makes Money

For a successful business blog, you must choose subjects that are relevant to your company and the customers you want to target. It’s not always an ideal idea to include ads on your blog for business. The aim is to keep people on your blog instead of sending them to other places.

In lieu, direct users to an “money page,”which is an online page that allows them to purchase an item or service that can benefit them (like an online shop) as well as a web page on which they can get more information about your company.

Example of a Successful Business Blog

Grammarly Blog Grammarly blog includes topics closely related to the business’s customers (from students to professionals who are looking for writing assistance tools).

The secret to its success is the fact that it offers useful information. It is also able to create an unambiguous link between its content and the software. Students might read a blog post on how to write a conclusion to the essay and then decide to download Grammarly to test it.

#12. Technology Blogs

If you’re an expert with one or several areas of technology, launching your own blog is the perfect method to communicate your expertise and knowledge with a group of people who need expert guidance.

The types of content available that fall under this category are tech products, reviews and advice tutorials and guides, technological updates and trends, and opinions on the future of technology.

How to Create a Technology Blog That Makes Money

Some of the most well-known tech blogs cover a vast number of news and topics in the field of technologies (Wired, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Verge, etc.) It is important to select a niche that is specific to. Examples of what you can concentrate on include mobile, desktop programming languages, CRM.

What kind of content can you produce? If you’re hoping to assist users setup or troubleshoot technological devices, you could think about making instructional videos.

One way to earn money from a blog about technology is through offering a service. A lot of users would pay to learn about technology products. Consider this option if you’re an expert at certain things.

Example of a Successful Tech Blog

One example of one of the niche tech blogs is AppleInsider. The blog is a source for news and updates, rumors, and much more on Apple products. The primary method by which the blog earns money comes from affiliate partnership (earning commissions on the products customers purchase via affiliate hyperlinks).

#13. Music Blogs

What it is: A platform to upload your music, share reviews of your top artists, and help you improve your skills.

How to succeed: Concentrate on quality and imagination It’s not just in your music, but for your blog posts as well!

Are you a professional musician? The idea of starting a blog for music is among the most effective methods to market your music. The idea of starting a blog about music is also an excellent alternative if you’re knowledgeable about something about music and love writing about it, whether it’s reviewing your favourite artists or offering your thoughts on new music.

Music blogs may provide significance of songs, details about particular artists, venues for concerts and news from the world of music, tips on playing an instrument and interviews with musicians, and much more.

How to Create a Music Blog That Makes Money

For a successful website about music, you must have high-quality and creative thinking. Select the subject you’re most interested in writing about. This could be a certain music genre (like hip-hop or rock) or an instrument or even your favorite artist.

One way to earn money through a music blog is to open an online store. For artists you could offer your songs for sale. Otherwise, you could help other artists sell their music. Other things you can offer include concert tickets, blog merchandise or merchandise from the artist, such as posters, t-shirts, and much more.

Example of a Successful Music Blog

The year was 2011, and Jason Grishkoff started an online music site, Indie Shuffle, where he reviews and shares his thoughts on popular songs and playlists.

Artists asked for their work to be featured for his website, and so he came up with SubmitHub, an online platform where artists can pay $1 to be considered for inclusion on his blog. In just one an entire year the site managed to earn more than 10,000 dollars per week..

#14. Sports Blog

Blogs are among the most well-known ways for sharing information about sports. They offer a wonderful opportunity to earn money by advertising.

The purpose of sports blogs is the sharing of your personal opinions. The majority of readers don’t visit blogs for sports to read about the final score of a match, there are websites dedicated to this. The majority of readers visit blogs on sports to read about their experiences and to share their opinions.

Pro tip: add a Comment section that allows readers to voice their opinions and thoughts.

How to Create a Sports Blog That Makes Money

To distinguish yourself from other sports websites and blogs take a different angle than most sports news sites don’t.

When you are trying to choose the appropriate subject, you could blog about your local sports team or a sports league, a particular athlete or even the stadium. Also, you could write about sports equipment and gear and write reviews.

Example of a Successful Sports Blog

While most sports blogs concentrate on athlete and team news While most sports blogs focus on news about athletes and teams, the GearWeAre blog offers reviews on equipment for specific sports, along with tips and guides on how you can get started in those sports.

The blog earns revenue by providing affiliate links for the products that are reviewed. Particularly this blog is an affiliate of Amazon Associates Program.

#15. Personal Finance Blogs

What it is: A forum to share your financial successes – as well as the steps you took to achieve it.

How to succeed: You must establish yourself as a reliable source. Why should anyone adhere to your recommendations?

It is possible to create your financial blog for your personal finances to talk about your financial journey and give actionable advice for your readers. If you showcase your accomplishments, you will be able to achieve that the readers will regard yourself as an example and will be able to trust your advice on money.

Distinguish your blog from the rest by choosing a subject, for example “money hacks for college students.” A few examples of areas that deal with money-saving include minimalism, frugal living, getting financial independence spending, managing your debt and reviews of credit cards.

How to Create a Personal Finance Blog That Makes Money

In order to succeed, you must in order to build yourself up as a trustworthy source for your target audience. You don’t need to be a millionaire to have an audience that is engaged; however, you should demonstrate the steps you’ve taken as well as the outcomes you’ve been able to achieve. If you’re comfortable sharing the results, you should share how much you were able to save or earn through doing something.

You can earn money through Affiliate marketing (reviewing and recommending products such as credit cards), generating leads for a business (like an accounting company) as well as selling a product by yourself.

Example of a Successful Personal Finance Blog

Clever Girl Finance is an excellent model to see how to make money from your financial blog for your personal use.

While the blog earns profits through affiliate marketing and partnerships (for instance links to Amazon pages to recommend books on personal finances) The site also has a shop that sells items like mugs, T-shirts, books, along with financial planning.

22 Most Popular Types of Blogs that Make Money (+Examples)

#16. Outdoor Blogs

Outdoor blogs share content about adventure and outdoor activities. They’re a fantastic way to earn money from your passion.

One example of content would be how-to guides that can share your expertise on a particular outdoor subject (for instance check out this comprehensive guide on climbing in the Mont Blanc from The Hiking Club). Videos are another fantastic method of presenting the outdoors in a fun manner.

How to Create an Outdoor Blog That Makes Money

Begin with a niche to distinguish yourself from the competition. You can choose to focus on a particular segment of the population area, outdoor activity or even a mix of all of the above (for instance, top hiking options to students from California).

To earn money, you can provide workshops as well as group classes and teach techniques relevant to your field of expertise.

Example of a Successful Outdoor Blog

Modern Hiker is an internet-based blog that shares a variety of content, such as information on trails and news about outdoor activities. While it has a wide range of outdoor activities, this blog is focused on the field of hiking.

What is the best way to make money? Along with an online store for products, they also created an app that provides comprehensive guidebooks for hiking.

#17. Financial Blogs

What it is: An opportunity to express your thoughts on financial information. tips, and investment suggestions.

How to succeed: Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, what makes you competent in finance?

Financial blogs offer information related to the financial industry. They’re more informal than the traditional financial websites, but they are a reflection of the author’s views.

Some examples of content you could send out include tips, insights and suggestions for creating wealth over the long term, an explanation of investment strategies and concepts and financial information.

Many also provide deep stock analyses and stock recommendations (most of them are membership sites that require users to have to pay for a subscription, like Motley Fool‘s The Stock Advisor).

To make yourself stand out to be noticed, you should focus on a particular subject, for instance deep analysis on dividend stock. If you’re inclined to share your knowledge and successes in this field, start a financial blog for yourself instead.

How to Create a Financial Blog That Makes Money

It doesn’t matter if you’re an analyst in finance to begin your own blog on finance, however it’s good to demonstrate your expertise in case you hope readers to return to your blog (and be aware that readers are likely to make financial decisions based upon the content you post).

In terms of making money from a blog that focuses on news The most sought-after ways to make money are advertisements or selling finance-related classes.

Example of a Successful Financial Blog

The Calculated Risk blog is an economics and finance-related blog that focuses on the real estate market. It was able to achieve success due to the in-depth and informative writings by the author, Bill McBride (who holds an MBA and has an academic background in finance, management and economics) is the author of. The blog is mostly monetized by using on-page advertisements.

#18. Political Blogs

The blogs of political bloggers allow people to gain knowledge about politics and discuss their personal opinions. It is not for everyone to (or should) start a blog about politics. It is important to know about the political landscape.

It is possible to use a political blog to post information about politics and suggestions, criticize political policies as well as provide election overviews. If you’re running for office and want to boost your campaign, you could use blogs to help promote your campaign.

How to Create a Political Blog That Makes Money

The first step is to select a subject you’re knowledgeable about. This way, you’ll be able to attract a readership that trusts your judgment. It is possible to choose to focus on a specific political party or place (local politics are usually less competitive). You can also choose to address one particular aspect, for example, controversial policies of the political system.

The way to earn money from a blog about politics is dependent on the kind of content you create and the niche you decide to focus on. One of the most popular strategies for this type of blog is to solicit contributions. Bloggers may write sponsored posts to discuss specific candidates and political figures. It is also possible to sell products that promote political parties.

Example of a Successful Political Blog

Voterly (part of the company that provides technology solutions Vidaloop) is an online database for politics created to assist Americans make informed decisions about their voting. Political leaders can use Voterly to showcase their beliefs and priorities, initiate discussions with voters and solicit donations.

The reason why this blog is so effective is that it has a clear goal -providing information on politics easily accessible and useful — that a broad audience agrees with.

#19. Self-Help and Personal Growth Blogs

What it is: This is a place where you can provide practical strategies to help your customers lead more meaningful lives.

How to succeed: Tell us about your self-help successes – what can readers benefit from it?

Do you enjoy helping others lead more fulfilling lives?

Perhaps you have some specific suggestions that you could communicate. If this is the case there’s a massive potential audience to reach through this kind of content.

Topics you could explore include enjoying life improving productivity, enjoying life by life hacking, the achievement of goals. The format of content you could employ is to present an actual problem and offer an answer by offering practical tips.

How to Create a Self-Help Blog That Makes Money

Although this is a contested issue, if you’re passionate about it and you have a successful story to tell, and you’re committed to providing top-quality content, it’s completely achievable.

One way to get started is to make your blog your showcase and earn money by the blog to write guest articles for other websites as freelance writers. After you’ve built your reputation, you can consider making an ebook (or an ebook) which you could sell via your site or Amazon.

Example of a Successful Self-Help and Personal Growth Blog

Arvind Devalia is dedicated to helping people to do more in their lives from fitness and health to success in relationships and careers through his blog.

The blog is made monetizable through offering assistance in the form of three-month, one-month or 12-month plans to assist his clients in finding their purpose in their lives and attain success.

#20. Gaming Blogs

Gaming is a massive market with millions of gamers searching for helpful tips and information. Gaming blogs can take on numerous forms, such as gaming video reviews as well as gaming streaming, hardware reviews or gaming maintenance.

Videos are particularly effective when combined with gaming blogs. In fact, two of the five top YouTube channels with the largest number of users worldwide are related to gaming.

How to Create a Gaming Blog That Makes Money

To distinguish yourself from other blogs that appeal to a wide public, you can concentrate on a specific brand of console (like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo). Select an aspect or kind of content that is related to gaming, such as news.

If you’re thinking about what you can do to earn money from your game blog, you have plenty of options, considering the size of the market. After you’ve established your reputation, games companies, particularly small-scale game companies, will pay for you to review and promote new games or to publish sponsored content. Many opportunities are available!

Example of a Successful Gaming Blog

The Stone Age Gamer blog is focused on retro gaming. It also offers buying guides, retrospectives as well as podcasts. The site has an online shop, which allows users to purchase videos, games and accessories merchandise and much more.

#21. Car Blogs

What it is: A platform to share your information about cars, news reviews, repair or maintenance advice.

How to succeed: You can differentiate yourself by selecting an area of interest and content format.

A car blog is a good idea for an auto mechanic, a manufacturer loyalist or car enthusiast and expert. You can write about specific models, brands and automobile parts.

Content you can post include car tests, reviews, maintenance or repair tutorials and tricks, as well as announcements about car news. In the case of content you are sharing, it may be helpful to add many videos or pictures on your blog.

How to Create a Car Blog That Makes Money

To decide on your topic, begin by thinking about the kind of vehicle it is you want to write about (like sports cars and family vehicles). To ensure your blog’s success, make a decision on the kind of content you’ll share. Do you plan to write how-to guides for readers to fix their vehicle? Do you want to give a report on your test drive experience?

How do you earn money from a car blog? It depends on the subject you select. For instance, if your blog is to write about car parts, manufacturers may offer you a fee to share sponsored content.

Example of a Successful Car Blog

Hemmings can be described as a blog that provides articles that focus on classic cars. For instance, they will discover a classic vehicle and write a detailed blog article about the car.

On their site, there is the store section which sells replicas and accessories, gadgets, prints, books, and much more. They also earn money offering advertising spaces to people who wish to sell their antique automobiles.

#22. Art Blogs

Art blogs can discuss any subject in connection with art, but the most popular kind is one in which artists display their work..

The types of content you could make include sharing your creative procedure, as well as specific advice to become an artist. If you have a blog about art the best way to go is to add plenty of quality images.

How to Create an Art Blog That Makes Money

If you’re looking to choose a field, begin with your artistic style or method. This is the place where you’re an expert and gain respectability.

To earn money from your art blog, you should think about advertising upcoming art exhibitions or other events. If you are using certain tools or brands you employ for your blog, you can begin to promote them using Affiliate links. As your following grows and you have a larger audience, you might be able to partner with these companies.

Example of a Successful Art Blog

Austin Kleon is an acclaimed blogger of the artist genre, who defines him as “writer who draws.” His blog provides very educational information, and includes lots of visual content like images and videos to make blog posts more interesting.

Instead of having an entirely separate shop on the blog, it offers items that are available for sale in the left-hand sidebar (but not in an intrusive manner! ) The blog also sells Austin’s books, audiobooks and T-shirts.

Additional Niche Blog Types

  • Philosophy blogs can be a wonderful opportunity to share your expertise and views and also to connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Satire blogs are devoted to writing about humorous stories. While they could be about any subject or area they tend to be focused on political satire.
  • Inspirational blogs that inspire and assist readers by motivating their minds and emotions to achieve something amazing.
  • Religion blogs discuss spiritual issues and enable people to connect with people who share the same faith.
  • Parenting blogs (also called dad blogs and mom blogs) offer support with motivation, advice, and motivation to parents regarding parenting their children.
  • Animal blogs provide educational and interesting posts about animals, typically offering advice and news about species that are protected.
  • Pet blogs offer information on domestic animals (often with a focus on a particular breed or breed of animal as an example) and provide guidelines on how to deal with the situation.
  • Digital Nomad blogs offer advice to those who wish to know how to make use of technology to make a living while travelling.
  • Natural living blogs that teach readers how to live in harmony with the earth by using traditional medicine and ancient techniques.
  • Homesteading blogs offer tips on how to begin a self-sufficient life, including how to make clothes, food and more in your home.
  • Off-grid living blogs help people learn how to live a life without the aid of distant infrastructures, and without relying on utilities from the public sector.
  • Health blogs (often misunderstood as health as well as fitness or health blogs) generally come from trustworthy sources as the ability to be an expert required to create a health-related blog.
  • Movie blogs provide reviews or thoughts about films, or offer movie suggestions based on their genre. It’s a fantastic method to build an online community of people who share an interest in movies (or specifically for a certain kind of film).
  • Book blogs share book advice, reviews, and sometimes even buy and sell books, making great use of the community of people with the same passion.
  • History blogs generally shares content that is about a specific historical period or event that often include anecdotes, obscure or untold stories, or offering a fresh approach to looking at an historical event.
  • Family blogs which are sometimes similar to personal blogs, document the daily life of a family as well as stories and experiences.
  • News blogs can be a great way for students to become independent journalists who write about a particular type of news that they are interested in.
  • Entrepreneur blogs offer inspirational stories, inspiring success stories and practical tips for those looking to get started on their dreams of starting their own business.

10 Components of a Successful Blog

In this article we will focus on marketing, content and business aspects that are crucial to an effective blog. Remember that there are many other aspects including technical aspects which you have to be aware of in order to ensure the success of your blog’s launch.

  1. Important pages: In addition to blog entries and other category pages make sure you have the ” About” and “Contact” pages, which will highlight your blog’s objectives and information as well as to offer readers the opportunity to engage with your blog and express their thoughts.
  2. Consistent branding: Design a unique email address along with colors for the brand as well as a logo as well as an avatar and an Favicon (the 16×16-pixel image at the top left corner of the web browser).
  3. Effective and engaging visual assets: It can break up the text, making articles more entertaining to read. Include photos as well as infographics and interactives in every blog article.
  4. A reliable web hosting: The best speed and security features will enhance both the user experience as well as the search engine’s optimization. Be sure to select the most suitable hosting service for your needs.
  5. Design that is mobile-responsive: You must ensure that users are able to navigate your website and read blog posts and view images with no issues regardless of the device they use.
  6. Multiple streams of income: Particularly at first, adding some affiliate links in your posts will not be enough to allow you to leave your job and commit entirely to the blog. Concentrate on the long-term, and build multiple revenue streams. More information on this is as follows in the following section!
  7. Social share buttons: Give your readers the ability to share your content with Facebook and Twitter followers and their friends. Why should you put so much effort into creating content if you don’t allow readers to take on the hard task (promotion) to promote your content?
  8. Content planning: Begin by setting your goals Then, conduct some study to identify keywords and topic ideas. Make sure you are organized with the post-planner below.
  9. Good writing: Once you have an idea, create an outline, conduct your research and…start writing. Be sure to get someone else to read your work and give feedback prior to you releasing the work.
  10. Publish content regularly: One of the most common reasons blogs fail is their infrequent posting. To plan your content efficiently and for posting, you require an effective blog post calendar.

Before implementing these methods, you must ensure that you’re capable of dedicating time and energy to the tasks.

Making email newsletters, comment sections, or accounts on social media can't benefit your blog unless you commit to posting content frequently and engaging to your followers.

How To Choose a Blog Topic and Find Your Niche

Blogging is a type of creativity, and in a sense, a kind of art. It is possible to blog about any subject. However, if you wish to succeed, you must follow these suggestions to select the right blog subject and discover your area of expertise.

Step 1: Pick a Topic

To pick a blog subject first, think about your passions and are knowledgeable about. If you blog about what you love you’ll have plenty of ideas and are more likely to dedicate yourself to the topic. If you’re not certain about your passions, you can ask yourself some questions:

  • What’s your favourite pastime?
  • What’s the topic you can be discussing for many hours?
  • What are you most interested in to learn about?

Do you have ideas? Try to list at least 10 items.

Do you like writing articles on this subject regularly (weekly or every month)? If so, then this is the perfect topic. Now is the time to reduce it to a specific area.

Step 2: Confirm Market Demand

One of the most common mistakes blog writers make is selecting a topic they’re passionate about, but many people don’t care about. However, when you select an area that is popular with people, you’ll likely find there’s a market that’s overcrowded and there’s a lot of competition.

Therefore, you must choose a subject that a lot of people are keen on but few bloggers are experts on. When you’ve identified a topic you’re passionate about you must know the potential for monetization of this niche.

Make use of Google’s Keyword Planner to determine thisIf the keywords that are related to your field receive lots of hits in addition to their cost being very high it’s an opportunity to take advantage of. It is also possible to use Google Trends to assess the importance associated with these terms.

It is also possible to conduct polls or look for forums on the internet that are related to your field and find out if users are interested in these subjects. With the millions of blogs that are available on the internet – with hundreds of thousand blogs within every category, your blog should have a specific focus.

In order to do that, you’ll need to select a specific subject.

Step 3: Determine Your Niche

When you’ve identified demand in the market for your specific subject, you’ll be able to determine your area of expertise. This could include a combination of these:

  • A very specific target audience (like college students in California)
  • A specific type of content (like image-heavy how-to guides)
  • subcategory of your topic (like horror movies)

Selecting a subject on your blog is crucial. By focusing on the areas you are most familiar with and focusing on your strengths, you’ll be able to outdo the bigger competitors and get your reader’s interest.

How Do Blogs Make Money?

There are many examples of how you could earn money from your blog within your area of expertise. What are ways you can make money with your blog?

People are now able to think of innovative ways to make money from blogs across all kinds of blogs. Below are the most commonly used methods to earn money through your blog:

#1. Ads

It is possible to use this technique as early as the beginning of your website, just bear in mind that you require a large amount of visitors to earn a substantial amount of cash. Here are a few examples of the kinds of ads you can make use of:

  • Affiliate marketing involves offering a product or service through your site or on your email list, by providing your readers with an affiliate URL. You’ll earn a commission on every purchase.
  • “Pay Per Click” advertising (Google Adsense) consists of having other sites advertise through your website. Google picks the most relevant websites and therefore, these ads will not be too irritating on your blog’s readers (and in certain cases they could be useful). With Adsense you are compensated each time a person visits the advertisement.
  • Selling Ad space is an easier method to promote a different business through your blog. You can select the price dependent on the amount of traffic your blog receives. This is a good option for blogs that receive lots of traffic.

#2. Sponsored Content

Once you have a recognizable and loyal audience, think about making paid posts that promote brands through posting content pertinent to your blog.

This is a fantastic chance to earn money while helping your readers — provided you choose brands that really benefit your readers.

#3. Sell Your Products or Services

Have you heard that by 2021 over 2.14 billion people in the world are predicted to purchase something on the internet? There are several ways to use your blog to promote something:

  • The first (which is easy for the majority of individuals) involves selling digital goods. Examples of digital products that you can make and sell are books or online courses.
  • Another option is to set up an E-commerce site or an online store that sells products that fit into your niche.
  • In addition you are able to sell your products online. Examples include group classes, online coaching or consulting services.

#4. More Ways to Monetize Your Blog

  • Create leads for other businesses
  • Accept the donation
  • Sell your blog
  • Use content lockers
  • Create a website for members
  • Create a directory of businesses

These are a few of the most commonly used ways bloggers make money. You should be aware that not all topics or industries are able to be easily made monetizable. In some cases you require a massive amount of traffic in order to generate some money. Some also have more methods of monetization than others.

#5. What Types of Blogs Make The Most Money?

Although all kinds of blogs are monetizable but some niches make more money than others:

  • Personal blog about finance
  • Blogs for business
  • Technology blogs
  • Fitness blogs

However in selecting a blog subject it is important to choose a topic that you are knowledgeable about and enjoy doing. If you do it correctly, all kinds of blogs are profitable.

However there are very popular areas which do extremely well using blog advertising in the right way.

Types of Blogs That Make Money Instantly

  1. Fashion
  2. Food
  3. Sports
  4. Travel
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Parenting
  7. Gaming
  8. B2B/Marketing
  9. Health and Fitness

Final Thoughts: 22 Most Popular Types of Blogs That Make Money Instantly with Examples

You can find the most profitable blog niche by doing some keyword research and then diving into the top blogs in your chosen space. From there, you can determine the type of content they produce and how often. A great place to start is by using BuzzSumo’s list of the most popular posts. Another way to determine what types of posts make money is to use a tool like Niche Hunter or Answer The Public and enter a few keywords related to your niche.

There are a ton of different types of blogs, and some work better than others for making money. By learning about your options and the positive and negative aspects of each one, you can create a strategy that will help you succeed online. Do you have a favorite kind of blog? Leave us a comment below!

Each of the 22 types of blogs listed above has its own specific audience and purpose, but most are geared toward online marketers or entrepreneurs looking to further their business. Which type of blog do you run? Do you have a desire to switch to one of these popular types? If so, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


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